AffirmLogic Secures $25 Million Equity Financing

Patented approach to automating software analysis and reverse engineering provides unprecedented visibility into cybersecurity threats

MCLEAN, Va.--()--Today, AffirmLogic, the leader in applying mathematical foundations to compute the deep meaning of software, announced the close of a $25 million equity financing round. The funding was led by a private investment group focused on companies with innovative technology and high growth potential.

AffirmLogic fills a critical cybersecurity gap to protect organizations from today’s complex threat landscape. Advanced persistent threats (APTs) and the growing sophistication of malware have given well-funded, state-sponsored cyber attackers the upper hand in stealing valuable information and compromising government and commercial systems.

The investment reflects strong validation of AffirmLogic’s cutting-edge Hyperion technology, seasoned management team and expanding global market opportunities.

National Security Roots

The genesis of AffirmLogic traces back to research at Carnegie Mellon University on a radical new way to automate the analysis of software. Working together, mathematicians, cybersecurity experts and computer scientists recognized that this mathematical approach, known as Behavior Computation, was a breakthrough in detecting malicious operations hidden inside software programs.

Carnegie Mellon’s cutting-edge research led to the development of the initial version of Hyperion as part of a national security project. The technology was further evolved at the Department of Energy’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory. Realizing the potential of Hyperion, the Department of Homeland Security selected it for DHS’s Transition to Practice (TTP) Program, designed to move innovative technologies from national laboratories into broader use through commercialization and adoption by end-users. Hyperion was extensively vetted by expert cybersecurity teams in the government and business communities and then licensed to AffirmLogic to commercialize the technology.

Technology Innovation

While techniques for malware detection have evolved in recent years, they fall short in identifying more recent cybersecurity threats such as Zero-Day attacks and APTs. Hyperion applies Behavior Computation to detect, analyze and defend against even the most sophisticated, potentially devastating forms of cyberattack. Hyperion empowers malware experts, Computer Emergency Readiness Teams (CERT), Reverse Engineers (RE) and Computer Network Defense (CND) analysts to dramatically reduce the time it takes to identify and protect against cyberattacks.

Seasoned Leadership Team

The AffirmLogic management team has decades of experience in advanced research and software engineering, as well as in building and growing market-leading companies. AffirmLogic’s leadership team includes:

  • Larry Roshfeld, CEO, an experienced senior executive who has served in CXO and executive positions for several successful software startups, including Riverbed Technologies, Approva, CorasWorks, Sonatype and Lumeon.
  • Richard Linger, CTO, the co-inventor of the Hyperion technology. Richard served in key technical roles at IBM and the Carnegie Mellon University Software Engineering Institute (CERT), where he developed theoretical foundations and implementation of Function Extraction (FX) technology for automated computation of software behavior. Linger continued to evolve the technology as a Senior Researcher at Oak Ridge National Laboratory.
  • Bill Yarnoff, Chief Growth Officer, an enterprise and public sector technology veteran who most recently led the formation and launch of the ACEL360 accelerator for federal government contractors.

“Our ability to mathematically compute the behavior of software is a game-changer for organizations that demand greater visibility into malware and advanced cyber threats. Ultimately, software with unknown behavior has unknown security,” said Roshfeld. “Our investors recognize the untapped market opportunity that exists for AffirmLogic to reduce cyber risk and uncertainty for enterprises by applying behavior computation to a broad range of mission-critical use cases.”

About AffirmLogic

AffirmLogic enables organizations to reduce cyber risk and uncertainty by applying behavior computation to a broad range of mission-critical use cases. Our ability to mathematically compute the behavior of software delivers unprecedented visibility into advanced cyber threats while addressing a critical security gap: software with unknown behavior has unknown security.

AffirmLogic’s Hyperion technology uses Mathematical Behavioral Computation to detect, analyze, and defend against even the most insidious malware - delivering capabilities that extend beyond existing malware detection tools and techniques that often fall short in identifying advanced persistent threats (APTs) and Zero-Day attacks. Developed from cutting-edge research at Carnegie Mellon University, AffirmLogic is revolutionizing malware detection and risk reduction. Learn more at


Amanda Cristi
Bluetext for AffirmLogic


Amanda Cristi
Bluetext for AffirmLogic