Pascal Metrics Announces Groundbreaking Results – Virtual Patient Safety Solution Generally Available

Highlights that Category-Defining Solution is Enabling Health Systems to Detect 10x-30x the Level of Preventable Patient Harm and Reduce that Harm by 60%-80%

Notes that COVID-19 is Increasing Demand for Remote Patient Safety Monitoring

Releases White Paper Providing Extensive Data and Information Pertaining to Pascal’s Widely-Available Virtual Patient Safety Solution

AUSTIN, Texas--()--Pascal Metrics Inc. (“Pascal” or the “Company”), a highly-specialized healthcare software and expert services provider dedicated to helping health systems improve patient safety and quality outcomes, today announced that it is making its first-of-its-kind, 24/7 virtual patient safety (“VPS”) solution broadly available to health systems. The underlying method and technology of Pascal’s groundbreaking VPS solution have been validated by leading hospitals and health systems to find and reduce otherwise unidentified patient harm and related cost. In conjunction with today’s announcement, Pascal is issuing a detailed white paper on the viability of its VPS solution and the results being generated.

Notably, Pascal’s VPS solution has enabled health systems to identify at least 10x-30x the levels of preventable patient harm as compared to traditional methods. The solution has also helped systems reduce that harm by 60%-80%.

Dr. David Stockwell, Chief Medical Officer of Pascal, stated: “These are exceptional results in a field that has made slow progress when it comes to proactively identifying and then reducing patient harm. Most health systems are still unable to show a measure of patient harm using timely electronic health record data. We firmly believe that achieving a measurable, material reduction in preventable harm first requires finding the harm through consistent, reliable, and equitable identification. We’re confident that Pascal can help clients solve this problem.”

Pascal’s VPS solution is able to help health systems measure and manage all-cause harm at all times and for all patients by:

  • Monitoring 24/7 for patient harm (i.e. adverse events) at client health systems;
  • Identifying over 10x the level of harm as compared to traditional methods;
  • Supporting capacity-building within health systems to use timely adverse event data to reduce safety vulnerabilities and quality variation; and
  • Targeting inequities that Pascal is the first to address explicitly in its solution: namely, what Pascal has termed the “social determinants of safety” (“SDOS”), which exist due to social disparities reflected in voluntary event reporting data.

Pascal’s VPS solution is comprised of both software and expert services delivered in a complete turnkey partnership anchored by the Pascal Metrics 24/7 Patient Safety Operations Center (“PSOC”). The PSOC supplements client health system teams, facilities, and command centers with 24/7 capabilities supporting specifically the identification and reduction of safety vulnerabilities and quality variation.

For decades, hospitals, providers, and payors have relied largely on voluntary event reporting, a “see something, say something” approach which peer-reviewed published research shows captures only approximately 5%-10% of patient harm. Research also shows that the evidence-based surveillance method embedded in Pascal’s VPS solution using real-time electronic health record data identifies 10x-100x the level of harm as compared to the voluntary event reporting method. Importantly, this comparison of harm detection also has been corroborated by both peer-reviewed published and real-world evidence and is aligned with regulatory direction.

The post-coronavirus environment has increased demand for remote patient monitoring. Pascal’s VPS solution provides remote patient safety monitoring. COVID-19 has elevated the patient safety priority, with many health systems working hard to provide additional safety support for overwhelmed clinicians and to assure patients that care is safe.

Drew Ladner, President and Chief Executive Officer, stated: “Patient safety and quality improvement in the health IT-enabled world remains hard work, and the results Pascal is privileged to announce today are a testament to what courageous leaders, bold investment, and high-performing teams can accomplish. A health system can only manage what it measures – a prerequisite for leading safety and quality in next generation care, as well as for generating the outcomes data required to support AI-assisted patient safety.”

About Pascal Metrics

Pascal Metrics is the leading provider of virtual patient safety (“VPS”) solutions and services, a revolutionary approach which health system clients are using to identify and reduce safety vulnerabilities and quality variation through outcomes-driven intervention and improvement. Protecting patients with safety outcomes instead of relying on the traditional “see something, say something” method, Pascal began accumulating health IT-based clinically validated adverse event outcomes data (“AE Outcomes”) in 2008 and now holds the largest such data set worldwide – optimal for safety, quality, and related enterprise-wide and advanced analytics. Pascal has offices in Austin, Sydney, and Washington and is privileged to offer its services in the United States, the United Kingdom, the Middle East, Europe, and Australia. Learn more at:


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