Impact-Resistant Shingles Save Roof From Hail Damage in Colorado

Breakthrough synthetic shingles increases roof protection and durability

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo.--()--Dangerous storms worry homeowners everywhere, but not Sheena Pasko of Colorado Springs. As shown in this video, her roof – and therefore her home – emerged unscathed from recent storms that included torrential hail.

We went with F Wave’s impact-resistant shingles because of their protection from roof hail damage,” she said. “Now, I look at this video and I’m so glad we did.”

Ms. Pasko can be heard on the video as the 1.5-inch hail came down, gleefully yelling, “Hail proof, baby! Look at that, it’s still perfect!”

We’d heard that a major hailstorm blew through Colorado, and Sheena’s reaction is why we love what we do,” said F Wave regional manager Dave Van Dale. “We want homeowners who have been impacted by recent storms to know they have a replacement option that will withstand future hailstorms.”

F Wave’s synthetic shingles are made of a special polymer compounded to weather storms, including high winds and hail. In fact, these shingles can withstand 130 mph winds, are rated as class 4 impact resistant shingles, and unlike asphalt shingles, they come with a 2” hail impact warranty. “There is no such thing as a “hail proof roof,” says Dave “as hail could be of any size, but our shingles have survived 3” hail on roofs in South Dakota in the last two months.”

The F Wave 50-year warranty roof shingles include other benefits as well, such as:

  • Class A fire rating (meaning they are extremely fire retardant, thus effective against severe fire exposure)
  • None of the drawbacks or costly upkeep of asphalt shingles, natural wood shingles, or real slate roofing tiles
  • Curb appeal (shingles available in a variety of distinctive designer profiles with various color options)

F Wave provides a premium upgrade to any roof at a surprisingly affordable price. To receive a complimentary sample of F Wave’s hail-warranted shingles, click here.

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Release Summary

Hail-resistant shingles save roof from hail damage in Colorado Springs. Made of a special polymer, F Wave synthetic shingles can withstand 2" hail.


Kelsea Thompson
(817) 229-0924