Employers and Workers Are Finding Success Using the Bacon.Work “Never Be Jobless” App During Coronavirus Outbreak

“I love Bacon for giving me a chance to be self-reliant”

PROVO, Utah--()--Kelsie Wadsworth is a substitute teacher and began using the Bacon (www.bacon.work) temp job app to earn money during the summer break. She started using the free app again when she was laid off because of the pandemic.

“I love Bacon for giving me a chance to be self-reliant,” says Kelsie. “Anyone willing to show up and put in a good day of work can pay for the things they need like rent and food.”

Kelsie is one of more than 25,000 people using Bacon to find and select hourly shifts for temporary employment until they find full-time positions. More than 100 companies are also using Bacon to find pre-qualified workers with background checks to fill shifts. Bacon is seeing record numbers of people using the app during the pandemic.

Marta Marrow is an executive assistant at Elite Ops, a large fulfillment center that recently began using Bacon to help with logistics and shipping. “Sometimes we need workers at the last minute,” says Marrow. “We have been able to count on Bacon to help provide us quality workers at those times. We can bring home the Bacon every time.”

Tyler Brown, shipping manager for Infinite Creations, started using Bacon because other temp agencies took up to three days to find one or two workers. “Bacon has been able to find us as many as up to 25 workers in the same time, and almost half of those are booked within the first few hours. In our biggest time of need, they were able to deliver. Nobody else does it this way.”

Brown and other supervisors appreciate Bacon’s rating system that allows them to check the reviews of workers before hiring. Likewise, the Bacon app lets workers rate companies.

Here is a sample of what other workers are saying about Bacon:

  • “I was sick and tired of traditional temporary employment agencies not caring about me. Bacon has been the very first agency I've ever worked for that's truly cared about me.” – Brenner Zeller
  • “There was no harshness, no intimidation, just really nice people who were happy to help. I could find jobs within a few minutes on the app and by the next day, I have a job. I love the Bacon company.” – Anette Howse

Bacon CEO Hunter Sebresos says the inspiration for Bacon happened when he realized how many people were willing to work non-traditional shifts.

“This employment model represents an emerging new trend in the way people are thinking about work and how our economy is adapting to it,” says Sebresos. “The gig economy will help the nation’s economy stay strong during this time of change and uncertainty.”

The company is established in Utah and Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas, but can get any company online in other locations and ready to fulfill positions within 10 days.

About Bacon

Bacon is like the Uber of hourly jobs by making it easy to work a "side gig" anytime, anywhere. Bacon connects employers to pre-qualified, available candidates who will work on-demand for as little as one shift. The Provo, Utah, company started in 2018 and has attracted companies and employees in Utah and Texas using the Bacon Work On-Demand app. For more information visit bacon.work.


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Employers & workers are finding success using Bacon.Work app during pandemic. Companies find prequalified, background-checked workers for gig work.

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SnappConner PR
Paul Murphy, paul@snappconner.com