GreenGen Introduces Fundamentals of Trust™ To Rebuild Occupant Confidence

BETHESDA, Md.--()--Green Generation (GreenGen), a global provider of energy and healthy building solutions, today released the Fundamentals of Trust™, an innovative, multi-faceted approach to strategically help building owners and operators regain stakeholder confidence amidst the COVID-19 crisis. By creating and communicating a healthy built environment owners and operators can better aid the business community in restarting the economy. GreenGen’s timely approach focuses on integrating technology, data, third party verification and proactive communication strategies to mitigate risks, foster confidence and instill trust.

“The COVID-19 crisis means that the real estate industry has had to adapt quickly and swiftly, and we face obvious challenges as employees, patrons, and guests return to their workplaces, favorite restaurants, hotels and retailers,” said Brad Dockser, chief executive officer of GreenGen. “We believe that focusing on transparency and the stimulation of multiple senses is paramount to restoring trust as people re-enter public life and buildings.”

Integration of these four pillars is essential to building stakeholder confidence:

  • Technology: Healthy buildings can be created by implementing technology-based solutions with an emphasis on improving indoor air quality, space utilization, access to water, and lighting among other factors.
  • Data: Collection and analysis of key data points can be facilitated through, continuous monitoring. Data and readings should be visualized, and publicly displayed, and real-time alerts and updates provided to occupants.
  • Verification: Building occupants will undoubtedly return with higher expectations for indoor health. Third party certification and peer reviews are key to verifying improved environments and results for stakeholders.
  • Communication: Direct and concise communication is necessary for residents, tenants, customers, employees and suppliers. Messaging should emphasize community and safety, not profit. To ensure stakeholder acceptance, all new policies should follow the E.A.S.T. framework (easy, attractive, social and timely).

“Transparency is at the core of Fundamentals of Trust™. In this day and age, it’s essential that building owners are as transparent as possible when welcoming occupants back into buildings,” said Dominic Ramos-Ruiz, GreenGen’s Director, Healthy Buildings. “There is no shortcut, but rather, this needs to be a long-term strategy to ensure true recovery to a new normal.”

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Green Generation (GreenGen), a global provider of energy and healthy building solutions, today released the Fundamentals of Trust™.

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Jenny Wang
+1 814.506.4597