Coda Signature Summer 2020 Seasonal Trend Report Predicts a Pivotal Moment for Edibles

Top cannabis chef shares insight on how the edibles industry will adapt as consumer lifestyles change

DENVER--()--Coda Signature, maker of award-winning cannabis-infused gourmet edibles, all-natural topicals and handcrafted concentrates, released its inaugural Seasonal Trend Report with insights from Director of Edibles, Chef Lauren Gockley, on how the edibles industry will evolve to meet new consumer needs in wellness and recreation.

Heading into an uncertain summer, consumers are embracing edibles to improve their well-being. Drawing from her classical culinary expertise and experience designing luxurious infused products, Chef Gockley shared predictions on the trends driving the next wave of edibles.

“It has always been crucial to create quality products, but we need to be thinking about how edibles stay relevant and helpful in consumers’ disrupted daily lives,” said Chef Gockley. “As an essential industry in these challenging times, cannabis has the ability to deliver moments of joy and comfort. Now is the time to bring bolder experiences, diverse offerings and all-natural ingredients that innovate on the typical edible to address changing needs.”

The key trends that Chef Gockley shared in the report include:

  • Experiential combinations: Savvy brands will begin thinking beyond flavor to innovate with multi-sensory and effect-based experiences.
  • New options for medicinal patients: Manufacturers can offer more access to quality products by adding new varieties of dosages and revamping recreational favorites.
  • Natural ingredients that spice things up: It will be important to use real fruit, natural flavoring and whole spices to create the same delicious experience while pushing the industry toward health and wellness.
  • Seasonally driven collections: Just as the fashion world releases seasonal runway collections, cannabis brands will release seasonal infused product collections.
  • A renewed appreciation for the classic chocolate bar: Chocolate is here to stay. Even as we look forward to expanding our palates to new flavors and categories, we always go back to chocolate.

In tandem with the release of the report, Coda Signature unveiled the newest flavors of its Fruit Notes collection, a gourmet, all-natural take on the gummy. Inspired by the imaginative flavor pairings and health-conscious ingredients described in the trend report, the new flavors include: Cherry & Sarsaparilla, Kiwi & Watermelon and Mango & Chile Lime.

For a full list of the 800+ dispensaries in Colorado and California where Coda Signature products are available, click here.

About Coda Signature

Coda Signature crafts premium cannabis-infused edibles, topicals and concentrates for medicinal and adult-use markets. Founded in 2015 to elevate the experience of cannabis the way music elevates life, the company has established itself as a leading luxury brand with products featuring bold flavor combinations and quality, natural ingredients. Coda Signature’s products are available in over 800 dispensaries across Colorado and California, with planned expansion into other emerging markets in North America. Recognized as a product and manufacturing innovator, Coda Signature has received dozens of industry awards across all of its product categories including Forbes’ Best Startup Employers 2020; 2019 California Emerald Cup; 2019 High Times Colorado Cannabis Cup; 2019 MJBizDaily Awards finalist in the U.S. Market Leader category; and Leaflink’s 2019 Best-Selling Products list. The company holds licenses in Colorado (404-00507 and 404R-00134) and California (CDPH-10003091 and C11-0000027-LIC).


Alex Gnibus
Grasslands: A Journalism-Minded Agency

Release Summary

Coda Signature released a Seasonal Trend Report with insights on what is coming next in the edibles industry.


Alex Gnibus
Grasslands: A Journalism-Minded Agency