D4t4 Solutions Launches Celebrus Machine Learning Delivering ‘industry First’ Capabilities

SUNBURY-ON-THAMES, England--()--D4t4 Solutions plc (www.d4t4solutions.com) is pleased to announce the launch of its ground-breaking Celebrus Machine Learning release. Celebrus, (celebrus.d4t4solutions.com) is a leading Customer Data Platform (CDP) used by enterprises in banking, insurance, retail, travel and telco industries, collaborating with leading industry partners to drive rapid transformations of customer engagement programmes.

The embedding of both Machine Learning (ML) and Natural Language Processing (NLP) capabilities within Celebrus version 9.2, are industry firsts. Celebrus is the only solution of its kind to use Machine Learning to deliver Automated Marketing Signals (AMS). AMS enable enterprises to identify new revenue generating opportunities and dramatically limit customer churn.

The significant new product enhancements include:

  • 50+ Automated Marketing Signals (AMS)

AMS are pre-configured behavioural signals which reveal customer intent giving enterprises new opportunities to convert more customers by serving highly personalised, real-time content. Immediately following capture of customer behaviour, Celebrus ML technology detects signals of customer interest which indicate heightened propensities to convert including:

  • life events;
  • areas of interest;
  • interactions and
  • subscribing behaviour.

AMS are instantly fed to an enterprise’s decisioning platform, resulting in hyper-personalisation at scale.

  • fastText analytics

Celebrus now features fastText integration, Facebook’s leading text and semantics library, which is ideally suited to many of the Natural Language Processing (NLP) problems enterprises face, including sentiment analytics. New real-time NLP capabilities deliver even more detailed customer profiles enriched with sentiment scores, which can be connected to enterprise decisioning systems within milliseconds. Celebrus enables enterprises to operationalise ML and NLP to gain insights into visitor intent and preferences. These insights determine automated, in-the-moment responses, relating to the customer’s text inputs on any channel.

  • Instant Personalization

With the addition of HTTP/2.0 connectors, Instant Personalization demonstrably reduces latencies within personalised customer journeys. Instant Personalization enables decisioning applications to transmit a constant stream of individually tailored content within milliseconds, as Server-Sent-Events. Enterprise customers benefit from the delivery of an in-the-moment, flicker-free display of content, personalised in response to their individual behaviour and preferences.

  • Anomaly Detection

Anomaly Detection automates the identification of unusual customer behaviour. It is engineered to provide analytics for any data point captured by Celebrus and detect previously hidden outlying values. This intuitive feature can be rapidly deployed, with minimal configuration requirements and provides significant efficiency savings that enable the rapid optimisation of digital channels to drive increased conversions.

  • Visibility Detection

Visibility Detection eliminates the problem of false negatives and inaccuracies in marketing attribution reporting. All too often, offers, advertising and personalised content is not seen by visitors, because they scrolled past the content or left the page without time to read it. Visibility Detection automates the capture of content displayed onscreen for a specified time and is therefore deemed visible to individual visitors. It ensures that your decisioning solutions are fed the most accurate data, improving personalisation and optimising your ad spend.

Version 9.2 of Celebrus is available now for new and existing Celebrus clients. Please contact the D4t4 team on moreinfo@d4t4solutions.com or check out our webcast recording here


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About D4t4

D4t4 Solutions (www.d4t4solutions.com) is ALL ABOUT THE DATA, providing comprehensive products and services that drive value from clients’ data assets. D4t4 Solutions was established in 1985 and is listed on the AIM market of the London Stock Exchange (stock code: D4T4).

About Celebrus

Celebrus from D4t4 Solutions plc (celebrus.d4t4solutions.com) is a leading Customer Data Platform(CDP) used widely by banking, insurance, retail, travel and telco clients. Celebrus captures the market’s most complete picture of customer behaviour and experience, creating events and profiles, and connecting in real-time to enterprise applications focused on next-best actions, 1-to-1 personalisation and streaming analytics. Celebrus is quick and easy to deploy and connects to industry-standard data applications for customer insight and engagement. Celebrus also gives clients complete control by enabling best-in-class privacy compliance and flexible options for hosting data on-premise or securely in the cloud.


Catherine Stenson
VP Marketing
D4t4 Solutions plc
Tel: +44 (0)1932 893333
E-mail: catherine.stenson@d4t4solutions.com

Release Summary

D4t4 Solutions plc is pleased to announce the launch of its ground-breaking Celebrus Machine Learning release.


Catherine Stenson
VP Marketing
D4t4 Solutions plc
Tel: +44 (0)1932 893333
E-mail: catherine.stenson@d4t4solutions.com