The Co-emergence for Africa & the Role of Morocco as a Prospective Driving Hub : IMIS Think-Tank Unveils a Policy Paper by Papa Demba Thiam

Papa Demba Thiam (Photo: IMIS)

RABAT, Morocco--()--The Moroccan Institute of Strategic Intelligence ( unveiled Thursday a strategic paper on the role of Morocco as a “Prospective Driving Hub for Africa”. Written by Papa Demba Thiam, a swiss-senegalese international economist and expert for IMIS, this analysis considers the role the Kingdom could play ahead of the economic and financial crisis following the Covid-19 pandemic.

In this paper, the author explains how African countries, including Morocco, could seize the opportunities offered by the current international situation, by positioning themselves as emerging economic clusters and connecting hubs in Africa and between Africa and the rest of the world.

For Thiam, the cascading economic and industrial destruction caused by Covid-19 represents a substantial opportunity for Morocco to emerge as a “Co-Emergence Pole” (CEP) in Africa, while operating a paradigm shift.

Referring to the expected global economic recession, the author endeavors to reconsider the mechanics of African economies. He tackles mainly the need for the construction of an overall economic development strategy based on adapted, precise and innovative competitive advantages in order to create massive and sustainable employment.

According to Thiam, Morocco will still have to compete with other countries to raise funds to boost its economy while preparing a post-covid exit plan.

Furthermore, Morocco will have to develop strategic partnerships based on value chains, in order to attract additional FDI’s to Morocco, through the clustering of homogeneous economic sub-spaces.

Thiam proposes in addition to identify transformable resources and design comprehensive “ID Cards” products in order to consolidate competitive value and supply chains within the sectors/clusters. Morocco will also have to assess gaps at the micro, mezzo and macro-economic levels in viable clusters. Finally, M. Thiam indicates that the Kingdom will inevitably have to multiply its partnership agreements in order to increase its financial attractiveness and accelerate its growth.

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The Moroccan Institute of Strategic Intelligence (IMIS) is a Think-Tank dedicated to the study of the strategic issues of Morocco. The Institute publishes reference works on the country, including "A Moroccan Path: 1999-2019 Journey of a Kingdom in Transformation", "Strategic Morocco", or "A Moroccan Ambition".

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