Bariatric Eating Launches Subscription Service with Ordergroove on Shopify Plus

Ordergroove Essentials helps health & wellness company launch in less than 30 days

NEW YORK--()--Ordergroove, the leader in relationship commerce, today announced that Bariatric Eating, a provider of high-quality meals, drinks and vitamins for people following bariatric surgery, has introduced a subscription service leveraging Ordergroove Essentials™ on Shopify Plus.

Launched in less than 30 days, BE VIP Subscription enables customers to establish, adjust and maintain a routine that helps them live a healthy lifestyle. Customers have complete control over their subscription, including the flexibility to change flavors, products, quantity, skip, pause, or stop at any time. They also gain the peace of mind of never having to worry about running out or forgetting to reorder.

Bariatric Eating has seen an immediate response from customers, resulting in a 136% week over week growth in subscriptions during the first month. These results align with the rise in subscriptions that Ordergroove has experienced across all clients since March, including a 104% increase among their Health & Wellness customers.

Ordergroove Essentials’ self-service tools streamline recurring revenue program management and monitoring, enabling Bariatric Eating to get to market quickly amid the coronavirus pandemic and help customers get the items they need in a safe and efficient way. Bariatric Eating is also streamlining the online shopping experience through Ordergroove’s One CheckoutTM technology which provides an integrated cart experience by integrating the subscriber’s journey directly into the Shopify Plus cart, the first of its kind on Shopify.

“The subscription service we’ve created with Ordergroove is an ideal solution for our customers, providing an easy way to get the products they rely on as part of their routine and also the choice to vary products and flavors as they’d like,” said Susan Leach, Founder, Bariatric Eating. “The Essentials offering has been exactly what we needed, allowing us to get up and running fast through the self-management features while also having access to Ordergroove’s experienced team to guide our relationship commerce journey.”

“During these uncertain times, relationship commerce is a powerful way for brands to make shopping easy and predictable and form long-lasting customer relationships,” said Greg Alvo, CEO, Ordergroove. “Our One Checkout technology provides this ease that consumers need more now than ever. It’s especially exciting to see the impact our Essentials solution is having - enabling brands like Bariatric Eating to launch in days and begin delivering value to customers while generating new recurring revenue streams.”

About Bariatric Eating

Our products are of the highest-quality and designed specifically for those who have undergone bariatric surgery. We meet all the nutritional supplement guidelines of the strictest surgical centres, and have worked with doctors & healthcare professionals to formulate exactly the right balance of nutrients that you need. Plus, all of our products taste delicious!

About Ordergroove

Ordergroove enables Relationship Commerce experiences for hundreds of brands and retailers including Unilever, L’Oreal, The Honest Company, Walmart, Pepsi and Nestlé, shifting consumer interactions from one-and-done transactions to frictionless and highly profitable recurring revenue relationships. With successful subscription, predictive reorder and membership experiences, the company’s technology platform coupled with artificial intelligence, analytics, and unmatched consumer expertise helps top brands transform their commerce experiences across every channel while making their consumers’ lives easier. Ordergroove is headquartered in New York, NY. For information visit


Barbara Ruane

Release Summary

Bariatric Eating has introduced a subscription service leveraging Ordergroove Essentials on Shopify Plus.


Barbara Ruane