Store Prioritization Analysis Can Enhance Enterprise Collaboration & Improve Profits During a Crisis, says Quantzig

How Quantzig’s store prioritization solutions can help you (Graphic: Business Wire)

LONDON--()--Quantzig, global data analytics and advisory firm, that delivers actionable analytics solutions to resolve complex business problems announces the launch of retail store prioritization analysis solutions to help businesses tackle the crisis. Retail outlets continue to be the nerve-center for most bricks and click retailers. In the wake of the ongoing crisis, there is a pressing need to transform retail stores into experience centers for omnichannel customers. Our retail analytics solutions that focus on store prioritization help retail stores function as mini-fulfillment hubs by catering to the dynamic market demands to avoid losing a potential sale.

Quantzig’s store prioritization analysis solutions help retailers to manage product prioritization, inventory and logistics more precisely by accurately predicting demand in different outlets. Request a FREE proposal for personalized recommendations to navigate the crisis.

How Quantzig’s store prioritization solutions can help you?

  • Centralize in-store data and gain BI insights through intuitive analytics dashboards
  • Understand customer behavior and reach consumers through the right channels
  • Manage product prioritization more precisely by accurately predicting stores that are more likely to witness a greater footfall
  • Develop product lifecycle schedules that maximize revenue
  • Enable customers to shop seamlessly and consistently across heterogeneous channels
  • Optimize inventory distribution between the channels based on forecasts for each region, store and product line

Quantzig’s store prioritization solutions portfolio brings together innovative analytics solutions to help retailers to tackle the crisis by prioritizing stores that witness high sales volumes. Through its portfolio of advanced retail analytics solutions, Quantzig also aims to help enterprises drive efficiency, improve customer service levels, and drive better outcomes across the retail value chain.

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In today’s complex, highly regulated retail scenario, the greatest challenge for retailers revolves around breaking down a siloed data management approach and enabling the organization’s technology footprint to provide a 360-degree view of business functions including marketing, merchandising, pricing and operations. To stay afloat amidst the chaos, retailers must deploy a proactive approach to identify and prioritize products with the highest demand by leveraging innovative business models that rely on real-time insights to meet customers ‘changing expectations and dynamic demands.

According to Quantzig’s retail data analytics experts, “Our retail data analysis framework helps you migrate to a more integrated and flexible technology footprint that is closely aligned with the needs of your business.”

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Quantzig’s Retail Data Analysis Capabilities Include:

1: Store prioritization solutions

2: Storefront optimization

3: In-store analytics

4: Product optimization

Based on our analysis, global retail supply chains will need an analytics overhaul to tackle the crisis and we predict that 2020 will bring in a host of new challenges for the retail industry in the form of:

  • Innovative technologies
  • Data complexities
  • Stringent regulations

With 15+ years of experience in offering advanced retail data analysis solutions, our supply chain analytics experts have supported complex supply chain decisions of leading retailers across geographies, often requiring planning and scheduling of multiple resources. By deploying a robust store prioritization framework, your organization will be able to make the best use of people, processes, technology, and data to enhance service efficiency and cater to the dynamic needs at times of crises. We now offer a comprehensive COVID-19 business support package to help ensure business continuity amid the crisis. Learn more.

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Marketing Manager
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Quantzig announces the launch of retail store prioritization analysis solutions to help businesses tackle the crisis.

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Anirban Choudhury
Marketing Manager
US: +1 630 538 7144
UK: +44 208 629 1455