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Report Reveals Majority of Americans Find a Silver Lining in Working from Home, Even if it Results in Longer Hours

NEW YORK--(), a leading work OS, today released The State of Remote Work, which explores sentiment among Americans around the transition to working from home amid the COVID-19 pandemic. As 500% more Americans are projected to work remotely over the next two years, people seem to be adjusting well amidst difficult circumstances: the report found that 69% of people enjoy working from home more than they expected to, and 54% say they’re more productive at home.

Many people are finding that they enjoy working from home, which may indicate that remote work, in some capacity, is here to stay, but are working different hours than they did in the office. Sixty-one percent are working more at night or in the early morning, 49% spend more time at their computer, and 50% miss the work-life separation that office-based work allows.

We’re continually impressed by the resilience and creativity we’re seeing from thousands of teams around the globe during this challenging time,” said Leah Walters, General Manager, North America at “As tools and software are helping teams communicate even more effectively, so many people are finding a silver lining in the remote work experience and we’re excited to see how some of these new practices will continue beyond the COVID-19 pandemic.”

The report provides a comprehensive look at productivity, communication and working hours for American workers since the COVID-19 pandemic began. The data was collected online with Ask Your Target Market (AYTM) across 1,000 full-time employed men and women in April 2020.

The State of Remote Work Survey Findings:

Working from Home is Popular. Maybe It’s Here to Stay?

  • 69% enjoy working from home more than they expected to
  • 54% say they’re more productive at home than in the office
  • 17% work with a pet or child in their lap

Communication is on an uptick:

  • 21% said their team communicates more
  • 19% said “I’m more communicative” regarding team transparency

We’re Home, And Working More Than Ever

  • 50% miss work-life separation, and 27% miss having specific working hours
  • 29% are working more at night
  • 31% are working more in the early morning
  • 49% spend more time at their computer

People Still Miss the Office

  • 44% miss their coworkers
  • 21% miss lunch breaks outside

We’re Sleepy

  • 52% wake up later because they don’t have to commute
  • 37% wear pajamas during the day

Word Affiliation: Reflective and Exhausting

  • 41% of people describe their WFH experience as productive
  • 30% describe it as reflective
  • 25% admit that it’s exhausting

Our Personal Lives Are Changing Too

  • 42% call friends/family more
  • 28% eat meals that are healthier
  • 17% shower less

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Leah Walters


Leah Walters