Craig Knippenberg, LCSW, M.Div. and His Staff of Seven Mental Health Therapists Donate Time to Launch Free Facebook Live Sessions Supporting Parents During Coronavirus

45-Minute-Interactive Public Sessions Open to Parents Worldwide

DENVER--()--Craig Knippenberg, LCSW, M.Div., a Denver-based mental health counselor with four decades of experience working with children and families, announced today he and his staff of seven mental health therapists, all donated their time to launch free, open-to-the public interactive discussions via Facebook Live. These twice weekly sessions are open to parents worldwide.

Each session is 45 minutes and can be accessed here every Tuesday and Thursday at 9:30 AM MST. The Parenting During COVID-19: The unsettling, unknown and ongoing effects of quarantine on your child’s emotions sessions address why moodiness, anger and opposition are normal and how to help children cope. Participants can email questions in advance or join live. To date, thousands of participants have joined live and/or for the replays.

Topics covered so far have included:

  • 12 tips for managing family life
  • Parent/partner support and boundaries in the family
  • How to talk to children about the pandemic
  • Stress management techniques for parents
  • Maintaining an adventure mindset

Upcoming series topics will include:

  • Strategies for home schooling
  • Assistive technology for students with special learning needs
  • Strategies for parents working from home
  • Phase II strategies for surviving the long waiting period

“As schools closed and families began to shelter-in-place, I was guiding parents during what I determined was Phase I of coronavirus. During this time, I was helping parents and children throughout the country adjust and cope using my suggested ‘12 Tips for Surviving COVID-19 at Home’. Now, we have entered Phase II, or what I call, The Waiting Place, where now, we are helping them work through this prolonged period so they can learn how to handle recurring trauma with each new time extension for sheltering-in-place. In these sessions, we are also sharing fun and inspiring stories of how other families are creating adventures with their children,” Knippenberg said.

“My team and I are glad to offer our professional skills to support families around the globe, and we welcome anyone who wishes to participate to join us. We are all in this together, and we are proud to provide guidance and support to help parents and families address concerns and challenges as they navigate these unprecedented times,” he concluded.

About Craig Knippenberg

Craig Knippenberg, LCSW, M.Div., is a Denver-based mental health therapist who has garnered significant expertise working with children and families throughout his four decades in private practice and while serving as a school consultant for 30+ years. While dedicating his career to educating and treating the behavioral, emotional and social needs of children and adolescents, Knippenberg founded Colorado’s largest, solely owned private mental health practice specializing in child and adolescent neurobehavioral disorders. He also earned notoriety for creating the CONNECT Social Skills Group Program 38 years ago, which spans socialization groups targeted at helping children navigate the ups and downs of childhood and adolescence. CONNECT has helped thousands of children grow and mature.

Knippenberg has aided children and families through tragedies such as the Columbine shooting, the Aurora theatre shooting, additional school shootings, numerous tragic accidents and multiple teen suicides. He presents and keynotes to parent and professional groups and is a national lecturer on the topics of child/adolescent development as well as the needs of exceptional students.

In addition to his extensive career as a mental health therapist, Knippenberg recently authored Wired and Connected: Brain-Based Solutions To Ensure Your Child’s Social and Emotional Success (Illumify Media Global). Wired and Connected joins scientific- and researched-based treatments and creative and proven parenting techniques in a guidebook to navigate childhood that can be easily understood and immediately applied. It’s designed to help parents, teachers and mental health counselors as they guide children through some of life’s toughest years.

For more information, please visit, or visit the book’s Facebook page.


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