Morphpackers’ Cementable MorphAnchor Shows out in Eagle Ford

Revolutionary Tool Brings New Life to Old Wells

Morphpackers Cementable MorphAnchor (Graphic: Business Wire)

THE WOODLANDS, Texas--()--Morphpackers’ highly innovative hydraulic production anchor – the Cementable MorphAnchor (CMA) – has reached 25 installations. Operators in the Eagle Ford are refracturing existing wells with the CMA. Initial refracturing with the CMA show increases in overall estimated ultimate recovery from 22% to 65%.

The CMA is designed to deploy and anchor 4” or 3 ½” liners inside 5 ½” casings to isolate the existing perforations for refracturing. Its slim outer diameter and short length facilitate running in hole. Its big bore inner diameter allows for higher flow rate during refrac operations.

The anchor system was designed to have high tensile ratings required during deployment and refracturing. Its design incorporates a hydraulically set mechanism with robust anti pre-set features for increased reliability. While cementing, the tool allows cement wiper darts to be pumped down through the tool and into the liner.

The Cementable MorphAnchor helps operators overcome operational challenges faced with prior liner deployment options. The white paper SPE-199701-MS Operational Challenges and Reward of Liner Refracs in the Eagle Ford (Bennett, J, etc. al) documented some of the improvements of using the Cementable MorphAnchor, including:

+ Removes possible risk of mechanical cut damaging the production casing

+ Removes need for a casing bond log (CBL) to establish depth of cut

+ Recovery of work-string while waiting on cement, improving work-over rig efficiency

+ Cemented in ideal position in wellbore to allow for future artificial lift considerations

+ Features a standard mechanical release system

+ Seal bore and pack-off mechanism allows for conventional or reverse circulation of excess cement while positioned into the 4” liner

+ Allows for a running tool conversion for remedial cement squeeze operations if necessary

+ Can be placed in wells with sub-hydrostatic pressures

+ Can be run in high temperature formations

This case study details more about the effectiveness of the Cementable MorphAnchor.

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Morphpackers is a leading provider of revolutionary and highly innovative expandable steel packers for the global oil and gas sector. Morphpackers expandable steel packer solutions offer the lowest price to performance ratio for refrac solutions by optimizing production, enhancing life of field, and reducing well construction costs.


Patrick Gonzales, US Technical Sales


Patrick Gonzales, US Technical Sales