Organic Chemicals Manufacturer Leverages HR Analytics to Drive Savings Through Reduced Attrition | Quantzig’s New Case Study

Benefits of HR Analytics

LONDON--()--Quantzig, a global data analytics and advisory firm that delivers actionable analytics solutions to resolve complex business problems, has announced the completion of its latest success story that highlights one of the major use cases of HR analytics –‘Reducing Employee Attrition.’ The case study aligns perfectly with Quantzig’s commitment to helping its clients improve the quality of their hiring decisions through better data and insights.

Data and technology are at the forefront of innovation in HR as they are in many aspects of business processes today. This case study is a classic example of how businesses can build a smarter workforce and drive down attrition using HR analytics. Also, it sheds light on the growing importance of HR analytics in enterprise decision-making by offering insights on how Quantzig made it possible for the manufacturer to invest few resources to address a significantly bigger problem that revolved around employee attrition.

As outlined in this success story, uncovering hidden data patterns to predict existing employees in the risk of attrition signifies how businesses can drive value by identifying possible causes of attrition. Request a FREE proposal to learn more about our HR analytics capabilities.

Key Questions Answered

1. Can HR analytics help improve business value?

2. How can businesses reduce employee attrition rates using analytics?

3. Why a detailed analysis of employee data is crucial to improve decision-making?

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The Business Challenge

The client— a certified manufacturer of organic chemicals based out of Canada— faced several predicaments that curtailed their ability to attract and retain personnel for blue-collar production jobs. The client’s challenges were further compounded with the rapid developments and urbanization that completely transformed the manufacturing sector in Canada, contributing to the growing demand for organic chemicals.

According to Quantzig’s HR analytics experts, “Insights from employee data sets offer the opportunity to change the way workforce decisions are made in organizations.”

Our HR analytics solutions can help you manipulate employee data and select suitable modeling techniques to extract actionable business insights. Are you facing challenges that are preventing you from doing so? Book a FREE solution demo to learn how we can help you.

Solution Offered and Value Delivered

Quantzig’s HR analytics solutions played a crucial role in decision making by helping the client to analyze data sets to examine the hire date, exit date, pay changes, and other compensations. Leveraging the insights and contextual perspectives from meetings with multiple focus groups and employee interactions helped us implement a systematic approach to developing multiple predictive models to forecast churn.

Quantzig’s HR analytics solutions enabled the client to:

  • Achieve huge savings through accurate churn forecasts
  • Deploy strategies to reduce employee attrition
  • Wonder how access to employee data is related to the overall business performance and overarching business culture? We’ve got you covered. Request more information today!

Quantzig’s HR Analytics Capabilities

Employee Attrition Modeling

Employee Performance Analytics

Employee Acquisition Analytics

Our holistic approach to employee attrition modeling helps businesses to overcome the complexities in traditional models to adopt a more futuristic approach to drive business excellence.

Through our employee performance analytics solutions, we help businesses to analyze the hiring, training, and overall performance of their employees to inspire the best performance from their workforce.

Employee acquisition analytics solutions focus on leveraging data to inform hiring strategies and processes that revolve around selecting and retaining the best talent.

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Release Summary

Quantzig releases its latest success story that highlights one of the major use cases of HR analytics.

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Anirban Choudhury
Marketing Manager
US: +1 630 538 7144
UK: +44 208 629 1455