Groupe PSA: #aCoffeeWithCarlosTavares Meeting n°6: Autonomy - Interview with Luc Julia

  • In order to support the Group’s shaping of its sustainable and profitable growth, the Chairman of the Managing Board is engaged in a dialogue with experts from civil society.
  • Among the 7 mega trends that will shape the future of mobility, the sixth one is Autonomy, about which Carlos Tavares spoke with Luc Julia, expert on the human-machine interface, co-inventor of Siri1 and author of the book “There Is No Such Thing as Artificial Intelligence”.
  • Watch the interview with Luc Julia

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Groupe PSA (Paris:UG):


Luc Julia: “I doubt that the autonomous vehicle at level 5 will ever exist, because the level of attention of a human driver will never be reached by a machine. For example, an autonomous vehicle located in Paris Place de l’Etoile at 6 p.m. will not move at all, because it will abide by the rules. Humans, on the contrary, know how to negociate to make their way.”

Carlos Tavares: “We believe that the autonomous vehicles at level 4 and 5 will be a reality, as shuttles and taxi-robots in closed areas. But these highly technological mobility devices will be so expensive that they will be out of reach for individuals: their cost of usage will necessarily be shared with the community.”

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This will be followed by a last discussion on the trend Connectivity.

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1 Siri is a computer application of voice command which understands the verbal instructions given by the users and answers their requests. It is developed by the US company Apple.

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