A Soup With Nothing to Hide: Rao’s Homemade® Launches New Line of Soups in Glass Jars

Rao’s disrupts the soup aisle with launch of six premium, Italian-style, slow-simmered varieties packaged in clear glass jars

MONTCLAIR, N.J.--()--Rao’s Homemade®, a leading producer of premium pasta sauces, is shaking up the soup aisle by ushering in a new generation of products made with real ingredients and no artificial flavors or colors, offering the same homemade taste for which Rao’s is known. Packaged in clear glass jars, Rao’s soups stand out in a sea of aluminum cans, creating a new segment for shelf-stable, ready-to-serve, premium soup.

All six varieties of Rao’s soup are made with the same principles of authenticity and quality that have long defined the brand. Rao’s soup is prepared with the same care and passion as meals prepared for generations in Italian homes – beginning with slow-simmered broths to provide a richly-flavored base, enhanced with an aromatic blend of seasonings, and featuring ingredients of only the very highest quality, such as tender chicken breast, colorful fresh vegetables, and al dente pasta. Italian Wedding is the perfect marriage of vibrant greens and pasta pearls in a rich chicken broth, showcasing bite-sized meatballs crafted from a blend of beef and pork. Minestrone is a classic Italian dish and a delicious vegetarian option, which features a variety of veggies and beans with pasta in a slow-simmered tomato-based broth.

“Canned soup was invented in 1897 and hasn’t changed in the last 120 years. Consumer needs and expectations around food quality, clean ingredients, and delicious taste have evolved so much. Isn’t it time soup evolved too?” said Risa Cretella, senior vice president, group manager at Sovos Brands. “Rao’s soups have nothing to hide – the clean, high-quality ingredients are visible both printed on the label and through the clear glass jar. Unlike with canned soups, consumers don’t have to guess what’s inside, which gives them more confidence that they are serving their loved ones wholesome, delicious, authentic food.”

Rao’s premium, Italian-style soups include:

  • Italian Wedding: Chicken broth with beef and pork meatballs, carrots, acini di pepe, spinach and onions
  • Chicken Noodle: Rich chicken broth with hearty pieces of chicken, tender fusilli pasta, and aromatic mix of carrots, celery and onions
  • Vegetable Minestrone: Italian tomato broth simmered with carrots, celery, onions, ditalini pasta, potatoes, zucchini, peas, green beans, red kidney beans and chickpeas
  • Pasta & Fagioli: Italian tomato broth with a robust blend of navy beans, dark red kidney beans, ditalini pasta, carrots, celery and parmesan cheese
  • Tomato Basil: Italian whole peeled tomatoes simmered with carrots, celery, onion, basil and garlic
  • Chicken & Gnocchi: A creamy chicken broth with plump gnocchi, chicken, carrots, onions, spinach and celery

Soup consumption is projected to increase because it’s a convenient way to enjoy a balanced, hearty meal, including meat and vegetables. However, ready-to-serve soup in a can hasn’t kept pace with changing consumer lifestyles and taste preferences, and shifting demographics. Younger consumers are favoring fresh prepared, refrigerated soups – and they also are searching Pinterest for soup recipes to make at home in their Instapots. Rao’s is bringing the experience of freshly prepared homemade soups to the traditional grocery store soup aisle. Shelf-stable, ready-to-serve soup is a $4.3B category and among the top 10 food categories in the store, and Rao’s is poised to reinvigorate the aisle.

“For years, Rao’s has brought families and friends together around the table to share delicious meals, and these new soups are made with the same artisan craftsmanship and Italian authenticity as our sauces,” said Santino Certo, senior brand manager of Rao’s Homemade. “We’re pleased to offer consumers a new premium option at the grocery shelf that’s not hidden in an aluminum can but, rather, showcased in a glass jar. We’re proud of our quality ingredients, confident in our homemade taste, and we have nothing to hide.”

Rao’s soups are available now in grocery store soup aisles across the country and retail for $4.99 (MSRP) for a 16 oz. glass jar. For more information on Rao’s soups, or Rao’s premium line of Italian sauces and pastas, please visit www.raos.com or follow Rao’s Homemade on Facebook or Instagram.

About Sovos Brands
Sovos Brands is a new kind of food and beverage company with a mission to acquire and build one-of-a-kind brands. The brands in its portfolio include Michael Angelo's, a leading producer of premium, authentic frozen Italian entrées; noosa yoghurt, a producer of premium yoghurt made with whole milk and wildflower North American honey; and Rao's Homemade, a producer of super premium pasta sauces and other Italian specialty foods. Sovos has the soul of a startup, the experience of an industry leader and the financial backing of Advent International, one of the world's largest private equity firms. The company has a one-of-a-kind approach to brands, business and people—in fact, the only thing that's old school about the business is the name, inspired by the old Latin term sovos, which means unique or one of a kind. This one-of-a-kind vision leads the company's focus on people and brands, working to ensure that both can really thrive. Find out more about Sovos at www.sovosbrands.com, Michael Angelo's at www.michaelangelos.com, noosa at www.noosayoghurt.com, and Rao's Homemade at www.raos.com.

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