New Wireless Innovation Forum Projects and Initiatives, Including Those in CBRS Band, Highlighted in FY2020 Operations Plan

WASHINGTON--()--The Wireless Innovation Forum (WInnForum), a non-profit organization dedicated to driving the future of radio communications and systems worldwide, announces the approval of its 2020 Operations plan by its membership. The WInnForum Board of Directors has established the following high-level objectives for the Forum for the period from July 1, 2019 through June 30, 2020 in executing on the Forum’s Strategic Plan:

  • Brand the WInnForum as the Preferred Venue for technical collaborative exchanges on innovative solutions for wireless systems
  • Position the WInnForum as the Preferred Venue for the International Spectrum Sharing Community
  • Identify New Market Area Relevant to the Forum’s Mission
  • Execute on the Strategic Plan of the Software Defined Systems Committee (SDS)
  • Execute on Test and Certification Strategies for WInnForum Standards
  • Establish Relevant Projects

These objectives are supported through projects undertaken by its three committees: Advanced Technology Committee (ATC), Spectrum Sharing Committee (SSC) and the Software Defined Systems Committee (SDS).

The ATC will prioritize updating 2019 Wireless Innovation Forum Top 10 Most Wanted Innovations and maintain the Advocacy Agenda of the Forum. It will also work to produce a Technical Report on 5G Millimeter-wave Spectrum Sharing.

More information about these projects can be found on the ATC web page:

The SDS will also deliver multiple work products through a series of projects, including:

  • Harmonized Timing Service API
  • Transceiver Facility API PSMs
  • Modular Radio Architecture Whitepaper
  • Harmonized Audio Port API
  • SDR standards profile for tactical radios
  • Waveform repositories
  • Multinational SDR Standards accreditation
  • SDR Standards Harmonization Roadmap

Information on these projects can be found on the newly created SDS web site:

In addition to facilitating Full Commercial Deployment of the CBRS Band, for which the committee has developed the standards since its creation in 2015, The SSC working groups have individual goals as well:

  • WG1’s will continue to close issues related to Release 1 Certification Testing and continue complete requirements for Release 2.
  • Work for WG2 on the security completed in FY2017; the group has recessed until such time as new requirements are identified.
  • WG3 will maintain release 1 specifications in alignment with test specifications and work towards publication of release 2 specifications supporting new features defined in WG1. WG3 plans to publish interim releases of the protocol specifications towards Release 2 in response to industry interest and will continue to discuss and approve requirements for Release 2 capabilities. The group plans to have Release 2 specifications published within three months after publication of Release 2 requirements. With that schedule, Release 2 specifications should be published in the first half of FY2021.
  • WG4’s will address development of Test and Certification for Release 2 CBRS SAS functionalities. The work group will also address development of Test and Certification for Release 2 CBRS CBSD functionalities and will update the test code for these two releases in parallel with the specification work. In addition, the working group will address the change requests for Release 1 Test and Certification documents as a result of lab and field testing and new FCC rules (e.g., new FCC rule for CPE CBSDs [Consumer Premises Equipment]).
  • WG5 will focus on the vitality of the CBRS ecosystem by providing operational guidance throughout the Band with the continuing Task Groups as outlined in the Operations Plan.

Information on these projects can be found on the CBRS web site:

Through these projects, the members of the Forum will develop multiple Reports, Recommendations and Specifications over the coming year for use by the broader advanced wireless community that will be added to our comprehensive Document library:

The Operations Plan can be downloaded here:

To learn more about the benefits of Forum Membership, visit our web page at

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