Burlywood Insight Takes the Guesswork Out of Flash for the Datacenter to Make Optimal Use of SSDs

LONGMONT, Colo.--()--Burlywood, a leading provider of next-generation flash storage software, today introduced TrueFlash™ Insight™, a first-of-its-kind solution that analyzes traffic at the drive controller level to understand exactly how flash is being used and delivers an application-optimized environment that provides better performance, more efficient use of flash and longer drive life.

Burlywood TrueFlash Insight is a suite of tools that monitors traffic patterns at the drive level, collects this valuable telemetry, and provides robust visualization of these data combined with an SSD that can be tuned and optimized to exactly match the workloads running on them. This takes the guesswork out of choosing the right SSD for the job, saving money and preventing costly downtime.

“While there are several analytic tools available on the market today, having knowledge about a particular environment isn’t as valuable if you aren’t able to use this information quickly and easily to improve your storage,” said George Crump, President and Founder of Storage Switzerland. “What Burlywood is able to accomplish by collecting information at the drive controller, is to understand how their customers’ Flash is really used and perform full-service, application-centric optimization to make efficient use of storage.”

TrueFlash Insight gathers a comprehensive set of data that are factors in SSD and application performance. Unlike analysis tools, such as bus analyzers, that can capture only seconds of information from a single drive, TrueFlash Insight can collect hours – and even days – of telemetry from multiple drives that can be critical to understanding how applications perform over time. After understanding workloads, data traffic patterns and feature requirements, the TrueFlash software is optimized to create SSDs that are perfectly matched to each and every application in the datacenter.

TrueFlash™ storage software solution is optimized to customer applications, uses flash more efficiently and delivers improved performance in a more cost-effective manner than current SSDs. TrueFlash allows for the use of the latest flash technology with better performance earlier in the lifecycle of flash nodes. Integrated multi-stream Quality of Service (QoS) provides advanced traffic management and consistent performance, tuning it to match the exact needs of customers’ environments and workloads. Burlywood’s architecture supports data center needs including NVMe, SATA, computational storage and AI.

“SSDs represent one of the biggest expenses in building cloud storage as well as being one of the top sources of failure and frustration,” said Tod Earhart, Burlywood CEO. “Because there hasn’t been a good method to analyze the effects of constantly changing workloads on flash storage, the wrong SSD for the job is often deployed. TrueFlash Insight is the only solution on the market that can utilize deep analytics to take the guesswork out of flash for your datacenter by providing deep understanding of application behavior and then tuning and optimizing SSDs to perfectly match your workloads.”

TrueFlash allows for rapid innovation and fast customization, reducing time to market or time to production. TrueFlash is a fully customizable flash solution that is drop-in compatible with existing storage protocols, form factors and architectures. TrueFlash Insight is available as a service from Burlywood. Company representatives will provide expert technical setup and analysis of customers’ application workload that will pinpoint areas of tuning to optimize performance for applications. Additional information about TrueFlash Insight is available at https://www.burlywoodtech.com.

About Burlywood

Powered by a highly productive, expert development team comprised of executives from companies such as HP, Western Digital, Hitachi, Micron and Intel, storage software startup Burlywood is accelerating the transition to the all-flash data center. The company’s patented TrueFlash technology changes how storage works and is delivered by lowering flash costs, increasing storage density and increasing flash performance while shortening the time to market. The new flash storage paradigm is ideally suited for customers in the hyperscale, content delivery and cloud markets that want to move to all-flash environments but have found that current SSD offerings are a constraint. Find out more about how Burlywood is allowing flash to be used as it was intended at https://www.burlywoodtech.com.


Dan Miller, 818-798-1473


Dan Miller, 818-798-1473