Rocketium Launches Automation Solutions to Create 1,000’s Videos per Minute


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Automate video creation using REST APIs

SAN FRANCISCO--()--Rocketium, the world's leading enterprise video automation provider, has announced the launch of its video automation suite. It is the first enterprise-ready solution that helps businesses create thousands of videos in minutes.

Rocketium enables the creation of short videos at scale with automation helping businesses reach and convert consumers who rely on videos before deciding what to buy, where to go, and whom to trust.

To enable video automation, Rocketium has launched two new products

  • Rocketium CODE (REST API) - It helps businesses convert images and text into banners, posters, video ads, or explainers without any manual intervention.
  • Rocketium BUTTON (White-Label) - Allows businesses to embed Rocketium’s online video creator into their products to enable their users to create visual content in minutes.

Video consumption has exploded in recent years, with video now consuming more than 80% of the world’s Internet bandwidth.

“Businesses around the world have already started moving from static text to videos. But creating video content at scale is still a huge problem. To solve this problem of bulk video creation, we built Rocketium’s automation suite,” said Satej Sirur, the CEO of Rocketium. “Rocketium has advanced automation capabilities - language translation, text-to-speech, automatic timing, intelligent styling, one-click resizing, and much more! Our online video creator is the fastest and most reliable in the industry, and the only one with both image and video output,” he added.

Online commerce companies like Amazon and Zillow have images, features, and prices for every product in their database. With a few lines of code and Rocketium automation, they can convert this data to explainers, recommendation videos, and personalized GIFs for emails or ads.

Marketplace companies like Airbnb and Eventbrite allow their users to create listings with images, addresses, and prices. Using Rocketium’s white-label solution, they can enable their users to create promotional videos or banners directly on their website or app.

Rocketium has also built plugins for Google Sheets and Google Forms for businesses who want to get started with mass content creation without coding. This is particularly useful for marketers who want to create ads for multiple products or sales teams who want to send personalized videos to prospective customers. Brands can also roll out UGC campaigns by enabling their users to make videos by simply filling up an online form.

Founded in 2015 as an online video creator, Rocketium aims to take away the repetitive tasks that are involved in creating visual content at a scale that is impossible manually, with automation.

Rocketium has raised $1M in funding from prominent investors from the US, India, Singapore, and Hong Kong. They currently serve 100,000 users from 55 countries and 6 continents, ranging from massive multinational corporations to nonprofits and small business owners.

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About Rocketium: Rocketium is an online video platform that helps businesses create slick images and videos at a massive scale without hiring teams of designers or agencies.

Release Summary

Rocketium, the world's leading enterprise video automation provider, has announced the launch of its video automation suite.