SIGMOLECS®: The Most Advanced Technology Available for Regenerative Medicine

ACTV8SKN Line - Skin ACTUATOR (Photo: Contrad Swiss)

LUGANO, Switzerland--()--Contrad Swiss, a pharmaceutical company focused on breakthrough, innovative products that reframe the world of medicine, announces a new partnership with Dr JO Serrentino to bring to the market effective biomedical remedies unlike any other.

SIGMOLECS® Technology was conceived and engineered by Dr Serrentino exclusively for Contrad Swiss.

SIGMOLECS® uses the highest bioavailable signaling molecules to summon and target biological pathways for precise programming at the cellular level. The result is like a program code of the cells, deploying them to organize into specific patterns. SIGMOLECS® talks to the cells in their language.

ACTV8SKN® – Actuator - contains the exclusive SIGMOLECS® Technology.

ACTV8SKN® is an odorless fluid gel of peptide-bonded amino acids, specifically engineered for a complete signaling spectrum that awakens cell cycles of the skin. It can be used in clinic to enhance procedures or dispensed to patients as a follow up take-home product. Easy to use, a few drops of ACTV8SKN® to cleansed face. The fluid gel will absorb as soon as it is spread.

Information on the development, novel characteristics of SIGMOLECS® Technology and clinical data supporting the long-lasting efficacy of the most advanced regenerative cosmetic available today, can be requested.

About Contrad Swiss

Contrad Swiss is the most innovative pharmaceutical corporation specialized in OTC, medical devices, functional cosmetics and dietary supplements. The innovation can be expressed in the formula, in a new way of administration or a novel application. All the products are respected for their solid scientific support and they carry the consumer recognition of quality and convenience.

About Dr JO Serrentino

M.Sc; DVM; Ph.D FAARM; DABRM. Master’s in Biochemistry; Veterinarian; Doctorate in clinical ecology/environmental medicine. Fellow of the American Academy of Regenerative Medicine; Diplomat of the American Board of Regenerative Medicine.

Extensive expertise in the following areas:

  • Protein sequencing and clones for biological new medicine;
  • Peptide inclusion for medicine;
  • Use of cytokines in medicine and therapy and as pathophysiological markers.
  • Biological markers for diagnostics; targeting and research& development;
  • Carrier formulations for enhanced absorption of active principles; formulating, assessment and/or amendment;
  • Molecular manipulation for enhanced biological properties esp. with protein (cytokine) and gene therapy;
  • Metabolic Syndromes and Energy Metabolism;
  • Stem cell extenders and methodologies for clinical application;
  • Orthopaedic biologicals for clinical application in Regenerative Medicine.


Carmen Gerardi
Contrad Swiss SA
Lugano (CH)

Release Summary

SIGMOLECS®, the most advanced Technology available for Regenerative Medicine is now available for the US.


Carmen Gerardi
Contrad Swiss SA
Lugano (CH)