National SAFE Day is June 4: Make Plans to Safeguard What Matters Most

Alpha Guardian Encourages Americans to Protect Our Families by Securing Firearms and Pharmaceuticals

LAS VEGAS--()--A recent study in JAMA Pediatrics reports few firearms owners (30 percent) secure all guns in the home, and even a modest increase could prevent up to one third of firearm-related youth suicides and unintentional deaths. Securing medications is also increasingly important to deter a growing drug epidemic. Each day, more than 1,750 teens abuse a prescription drug for the first time. On National SAFE Day, Alpha Guardian encourages Americans: Take action to protect those who matter most by securing all firearms and prescription medications.

National SAFE Day was founded to honor 13-year-old Brooklynn Mae Mohler, who was killed when her best friend picked up a loaded handgun found in a kitchen cabinet. Every year, children die in shootings that could have been prevented by responsible gun security. In ninety percent of firearm-related youth suicides and unintentional shootings, the firearm came from the home of the victim, or from a friend or family member. Likewise, most teens (90 percent) who abuse pharmaceutical drugs obtain them from their home medicine cabinet or their friends. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports more Americans are addicted to prescription drugs than cocaine, heroin and meth combined, and more Americans die of opioid use than breast cancer. To help keep all children safe from unsecured guns and medications, Alpha Guardian stands with the Brooklynn Mae Mohler Foundation, encouraging everyone to:

Secure all firearms and pharmaceuticals.

Ask whether there are any unsecured firearms or drugs in the homes your children visit.

Frequently talk to children about the dangers of firearms and pharmaceutical drugs.

Educate and Empower others to be SAFE.

“One is too many,” said Alpha Guardian’s Vice President of Innovation and Brand Marketing, Colette Matthews. “If one more child dies because a gun wasn’t secured, that’s not acceptable. We can do better.”

A safe provides a pivotal layer of security. As the maker of GunVault, Edge, Stack-On and Cannon Safes, Alpha Guardian is a market leader in the safe and secure storage industry. The newest Alpha Guardian brand, Edge, is a colorful line of safes, designed to blend with home decor while protecting valuables & documents on a nightstand or acting as a secure medicine cabinet.

The premier brand in quick digital and biometric access, GunVault leads the industry in innovating features for improved sensory control, faster access, optimized security, and technological innovations to empower a safer way of life.

  • Electronic digital safes allow owners access within seconds.
  • Biometric safes allow quick access with maximum security, using fingerprint recognition instead of a traditional combination or key. Multiple sets of fingerprints can be authorized.
  • NanoVault 200 meets TSA guidelines for handgun transport and secures small items in a car, backpack, or suitcase. A cable secures it wherever you need it to stay.
  • MicroVaults store essential documents, cash and a handgun for quick retrieval and easy transport in an emergency.
  • Gun staging products also offer security, with discreet storage mounts and quick access, some with biometric technology to open at the touch of an authorized fingerprint.

Alpha Guardian’s evolving, robust, and innovative portfolio of products meets the needs of modern lifestyles. With countless combinations of security features and access technologies in safes of all sizes, Alpha Guardian products provide secure storage solutions for what matters most in people’s lives.

What matters to you matters to us,” said Matthews. “We design life-proof safes to protect in every situation -- to preserve family heirlooms from flood, fire and natural disaster; safeguard valuables and important documents from theft; and protect loved ones from injury or death caused by unintended access to firearms or medications. Together with our customers, we can change the course of history: every time someone chooses to secure a firearm or medication in one of our safes, it could contribute to saving the life of a child.”


Malissa Phillips
Alpha Guardian

Release Summary

National Safe Day is June 4 -- Protect what matters most. Secure all firearms and medications to protect kids against suicide and accidental death.


Malissa Phillips
Alpha Guardian