OxFirst the 'Best Intellectual Property Law and Economics Firm;' says SME News

OXFORD, England--()--SME News recognized OxFirst as ‘the Best IP Law and Economics Firm’ in its 2019 SME News Legal Awards. This is an acknowledgement that OxFirst continues to succeed in advancing the state of play of Intellectual Property (IP) through insightful economic assessments.

Most recently, Oxfirst was involved in the valuation of an IP portfolio of a high tech firm that was floated on the stock exchange. The IP valuation formed an important element of the exit strategy of this private equity company and underlined once more the importance of adequate economic IP assessments in emerging high tech spaces such as artificial intelligence or autonomous vehicles.

At another recent instance, the economic impact assessment of the underlying IP formed a crucial element in a market entry decision of a tech firm operating in the wireless telecommunications space.

Dr Roya Ghafele is also an accredited damage expert to the Courts of England and Wales. As such she served once more as an expert to the European Commission, as well as the International Chamber of Commerce and the UK Intellectual Property’s Economic Advisory Board. These various contributions will continue to provide further clarity on the economic impact of IP and set the baseline for a further understanding on how to appreciate the business value of IP.

OxFirst enjoys full accreditation to offer training on IP valuation and IP strategy. Its executive education program educates leaders in IP and Competition Law and Economics and has been received with great enthusiasm. As such, it ran various training seminars across Europe. Particularly worthwhile mentioning are the Seminar held jointly with the Ludwig Maximilian University on the economics of legal remedies and its very recent IP and Competition Forum, which took place in Brussels and provided refreshing insights on the interplay of standards and patents.


Jim Smith
Email: info@oxfirst.com