New Cherwell Software Release Revamps Service Experience

New user interface and experience provides more streamlined approach

Cherwell’s modern user interface provides a more streamlined experience to make work flow with less constraint. (Photo: Business Wire)

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo.--()--Cherwell Software, LLC (‘Cherwell’), a global leader in service management software, announced enhancements to its popular Information Technology Service Management (ITSM) solution Cherwell® Service Management. The company’s new release adds features to increase the speed and ease with which IT leaders, enterprise architects, business unit leaders, and transformation agents across organizations can provide services that transform business and work experiences.

“Service is the lifeblood of any business and we want to ensure a more seamless digital service experience for workers across organizations,” said Sam Gilliland, chief executive officer of Cherwell. “By responding to our customers with these latest enhancements our aim is to empower them to make work flow across their enterprises and for their customers.”

Jay Betancourt, Applications Administrator with City Bank, added, “Cherwell’s newest release provides an enhanced user interface that is sleek, functional, and exciting. The redesign allows for a much smoother workflow than previous versions, allowing our team to focus on what matters most, supporting our internal customers.”

New User Interface, Better User Experience

Cherwell’s no-code platform continues to make service management customization and configuration fast and easy. Cherwell’s new release provides IT pros and employees a modern user interface, providing a more streamlined experience to make work flow with less constraint. The redesign puts more relevant information within view without wasting valuable time hunting through multiple forms and tabs.

Consistent Control of Your Cloud

More and more businesses are moving enterprise services to the cloud. Provisioning and management of cloud instances has never been easier with the help of an ITSM solution like Cherwell Service Management. Whether customers use Amazon Web Services (AWS) or Azure, Cherwell provides an agnostic platform for hosted-application governance. A new AWS mApp™ Solution now provides seamless integration between the Cherwell and AWS Service Catalogs to simplify approval and provisioning of new services, and configuration integration to ensure updates are automatically reflected in Cherwell’s CMDB.

Google Analytics in the Customer Portal

You can now track user selections, such as mouse clicks and taps, in the Cherwell Service Management Portal using Google Analytics. Users can see page views for all pages for the site and for a specific time period or they can filter the list of pages to specific areas, such as the service catalog.

Build Services Faster

Cherwell GO!™ is for customers who want to get started quickly with Cherwell Service Management using a simplified, out-of-the-box approach. Cherwell GO! implementation offers a significant cost benefit and time to value for customers. It is a fixed-price, fixed-scope option to get Cherwell Service Management installed, configured, and live virtually instantly with Cherwell’s recommended workflows based on industry best practices. Cherwell GO! includes out-of-the-box configuration of incident, problem, and Knowledge Management processes, as well as the Cherwell Self-Service Portal. It also includes training and product walkthroughs for each module.

Collaboration Features

Cherwell is a robust and flexible service management platform designed to follow ITIL best practices within a highly-customizable structure that works with software and services customers choose. Cherwell introduced an Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS) offering last summer in collaboration with Jitterbit. The company’s expanding Technical Alliance Partnership program includes leaders from across the ecosystem of digital transformation and hundreds of mApp mergeable applications technologies that expand the power of the Cherwell platform.

Cherwell Service Management is a top-ranked ITSM solution and was recently identified as the leader in the categories of Likeliness to Recommend, Business Value Created, Ease of Customization, Breadth & Quality of Features, and Ease of IT Administration (IT Service Management Data Quadrant, Software Reviews, InfoTech Research, Inc.). Businesses looking to improve their IT service desk efficiencies and obtain true digital transformation can learn more about the newest version of Cherwell Service Management at For more details on Cherwell Service Management 9.6, and more about the benefits of service management, visit the Cherwell Blog.

About Cherwell Software

Cherwell (@Cherwell) empowers organizations to transform their business through the rapid adoption and easy management of digital services. Cherwell’s adaptable platform has enabled thousands of organizations to modernize their business operations with customizable service management, automation, and reporting across the enterprise. For more information, visit:


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