Stat World – Statistical Intelligence Portal Launched

PALO ALTO, Calif.--()--Stat World Inc. launched its multidimensional, multilingual statistical service Stat World ( today.

Stat World collects statistical data from across the globe, translates it into multiple languages, and publishes the data with an advanced Business Intelligence tool.

Stat World’s data warehouse contains thousands of National, International, Economic, and Climate statistical datasets (among others) and is constantly expanding.

Currently included in International Statistics are datasets from the United Nations Statistical Division and UN organizational data pertaining to Energy, Crime, Finance, Health, Population, World Bank Development Indicators, the Food and Agriculture Organisation database, and more.

National Statistics include 60,000+ indicators from Eurostat covering every European country, US demography from the US Census, 6,000 official statistical indicators from the Russian Federal State Statistics Service, and so many more for China, Kazakhstan, Iran, and others.

All of the data provided has been translated into English, Spanish, Portuguese, German, French, Italian, Chinese, Japanese, and Arabic, and the list of available languages is constantly expanding.

Stat World also facilitates interaction with statistics, making it possible to create live visualizations and comment on and share these visualizations in social networks.

Stat World is a great tool for journalists, bloggers, students, academics, politicians, and concerned citizens looking to find, analyze, and understand statistical data.

About Stat World, Inc.

The company team includes experienced specialists in Business Intelligence, statistics and linguistics.

Stat World, Inc.’s mission is to find, collect, and publish statistical data innovatively and efficiently, localizing statistics that might otherwise be made inaccessible by a language barrier, thus using information to break down borders.

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Gwain Hamilton,