From Garden to Glass: The Simple Goodness Sisters Are Growing Better Cocktails

SEATTLE--()--The Simple Goodness Sisters today introduced their latest garden to glass drink mixers, Simple Goodness Sisters’ Syrups, and a “How to Drink Your Way Through the Edible Garden” roadshow of workshops. The syrups are made from herbs and edible flowers sustainably grown by first generation farmer Venise Cunningham. Business partner and mobile bar owner Belinda Kelly developed the Pacific Northwest inspired syrups and creates unique cocktail recipes for each. Together, they’re bringing the farm to the bar and inspiring a new crop of gardeners.

“The Farm to Table movement interested people in where their food comes from. We’re excited to see that curiosity move to the bar,” said Venise.

Celebrating the work of American farmers like themselves, Simple Goodness Sisters’ Syrups include unique flavor pairings like Huckleberry Spruce Tip, Rhubarb Vanilla Bean, and Berry Sage with ingredients sourced directly from farmers. The complex flavors showcase seasonal produce for an easily balanced drink. The two moms focused on developing a product with minimal processing and no chemical preservatives. While the obvious application was cocktails, the sisters sought to make a beverage addition fit for families.

An initial release of 1,500 bottles of syrups sold out within six months, thanks to the growing wave of craft beverage enthusiasm and their Instagram account, with its behind-the-scenes glance into modern farm reality. They have also listened to eager customers wanting to try garden to glass at home. Creating social media content to share their expertise and lifestyle with others inspired the sisters’ roadshow of interactive classes on gardening and craft drink making.

“People are into what we’re doing. They’re making cocktails and mocktails at home with the convenience of our syrups. They love the company’s ethos. We’re growing a better cocktail here, and we’re proud of that,” said Belinda. “It’s important to be mindful about food and spend as much time celebrating with friends and family as possible, and that’s what we’re all about.”

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The Simple Goodness Sisters today introduced their latest garden to glass drink mixers, Simple Goodness Sisters’ Syrups.


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