The ExecRanks Is Now AdvisoryCloud

Aligns new brand with company vision to revolutionize the way professionals worldwide monetize their knowledge as advisors.

NOVATO, Calif.--()--The ExecRanks, the leading platform for advisors, announced today that the company has officially changed its name to AdvisoryCloud. The new brand better represents the company’s vision and long-term business goals to provide professionals worldwide with the platform, exposure, and tools to monetize their knowledge as advisors. In conjunction with the name change, the company has updated its platform to enhance the member experience. All members now have public advisor profiles on, where companies from around the world can find and hire advisors.

“Rebranding to AdvisoryCloud better aligns with our vision to revolutionize the way professionals monetize their knowledge as advisors,” said Jonathan Aspatore, Founder and CEO of AdvisoryCloud. “For too long ‘board work’ has only been for a very limited group of executives and mostly at the world’s largest companies. AdvisoryCloud is massively expanding the market for advisors, creating a simple interface on a robust platform that removes the complexity of finding, hiring, and paying advisors for companies of all sizes.”

With over 12,000 members on AdvisoryCloud, companies and executives can find advisors with expertise on thousands of different business topics, strategies, and situations. They can review profiles, suggest times for phone meetings, and pay advisors all within a matter of minutes. Whether it’s a company looking to make an addition to their advisory board, or a C-Level executive who wants to conduct a phone meeting with an advisor to get insights on a project or key decision, it is now easier than ever to work with advisors.

Members of AdvisoryCloud now have a suite of new tools and resources that make it easier than ever before to attain advisory work, such as:

  • Members can set their availability for phone meetings directly on their Advisor Page, setting days and times that are convenient for their schedule.
  • Members can share their public Advisor Page on social media and to their growing network of professionals, increasing their exposure as an advisor.
  • When members make new connections within their networks, or receive emails requesting their advice, they can simply respond with a link that allows them to be hired as an advisor if they want to connect.
  • Members are paid quickly and easily for advisory work through a payment system on their Advisor Page.

The shift from The ExecRanks to AdvisoryCloud, as well as the platform’s new features, enables the company to better achieve its goals of transforming the way professionals can monetize their knowledge. This is the first step in many as the company moves toward creating a seamless and valuable way for professionals and companies to connect for advisory work.

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About AdvisoryCloud

AdvisoryCloud is the leading platform for advisors, providing professionals worldwide with the platform, exposure, and tools to monetize their knowledge as an advisor. From one-on-one phone meetings to more formal board positions, members can set their desired compensation and make their expertise available as an advisor to anyone or any company in the world. Companies use AdvisoryCloud to get the right advice at the right time from advisors that can help with key decisions, projects, and business strategy.

Founded in 2012, AdvisoryCloud is a private company with over 150 employees, headquartered in Marin County, California with offices in Boise, Idaho and Orange County, California. For more information, visit, and join us on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

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Michelle Taylor
415-259-5752 ext. 264