Adaptiva Introduces the Future of Vulnerability Management With Evolve VM at RSA Conference 2019

First of Its Kind Product Automatically Repairs Security Vulnerabilities at the Moment They Are Detected

SEATTLE & SAN FRANCISCO--()--Adaptiva, a leading, global provider of endpoint management and security solutions for enterprise customers, today launched a new endpoint compliance and vulnerability management product, Evolve VM™. Evolve VM harnesses Adaptiva’s industry-leading peer-to-peer technology to automatically detect and remediate thousands of vulnerabilities on a massive scale and at the fastest speeds possible. The company will unveil Evolve VM at RSA Conference 2019, being held March 4-8 at Moscone Center in San Francisco.

Evolve VM leverages Adaptiva’s industry-leading, intelligent peer-to-peer platform to automatically check for thousands of compliance issues and security vulnerabilities across an enterprise’s endpoints, diagnose any problems, and instantly fix those issues without requiring network resources or impacting the end users. Unlike traditional vulnerability management products which require time-consuming manual intervention to remediate each detected issue, Evolve VM can save teams countless hours by repairing at-risk endpoints at the exact moment it identifies them.

“Other companies claim to remediate compliance issues and security vulnerabilities, but sending an alert or opening a help desk ticket is not real remediation,” said Jim Souders, CEO of Adaptiva. “When Evolve VM detects a vulnerability, it addresses it instantly, enterprise-wide, so that issues are resolved in seconds instead of days, weeks, or months. This narrows the window of security exposure dramatically.”

“Evolve VM takes vulnerability management to an entirely new level, automating every step of the process to ensure that endpoints are compliant and secure at all times—without impacting network performance. There is nothing like Evolve VM on the market today, and it is only possible because of Adaptiva’s technology and long history of distributing software and security updates for Global 1000 enterprises for more than a decade,” continued Souders.

Evolve VM debuts as security attacks continue to rise dramatically on a global scale. Cybercrime is currently predicted to cost $6 trillion annually by 2021, with new threats becoming the number one pain point for endpoint security buyers, according to Cybersecurity Ventures.i Additionally, companies are averaging a staggering 38 days to resolve security vulnerabilities after they have been identified.ii Further compounding the problem is the fact that hiring can’t keep pace with security risks. It is estimated that there will be a global shortfall of 3.5 million cybersecurity jobs by 2021i, making it impossible for IT departments to manually find and fix every endpoint compliance and security issue.

Adaptiva Evolve VM addresses each of these issues through a fully automated, real-time solution. It eliminates the need for intensive manual efforts while protecting the network. With Evolve VM enterprises can:

  • Identify endpoint compliance issues and security vulnerabilities at scale using P2P technology.
  • Automatically remediate at-risk endpoints in seconds.
  • Easily adapt to new corporate policies and changing security conditions without coding.

Evolve VM consists of four key components:

  1. Endpoint compliance and vulnerability checks: Evolve VM is equipped with thousands of prepackaged endpoint compliance and vulnerability checks that can be run on-demand or on a scheduled basis from the Evolve VM administrator console. These checks cover areas like security configuration checks; software, application, and operating system checks; SCAP-based guidelines; and more.
  2. Real-time remediation actions: Evolve VM delivers real-time remediation actions that can automatically run at scale to fix compliance and security issues in seconds. From updating configuration settings to deploying a patch, Evolve VM offers dozens of remediation actions out-of-the-box and the ability to rapidly create new ones as needed without scripting.
  3. Interactive Dashboard System: Evolve VM’s Interactive Dashboard System provides a live view of vulnerabilities and the risk level across an organization. Choose from dozens of interactive dashboards to get real-time information on which checks and remediation actions were run; their current status; success, failure, and repair rates; and trends over time.
  4. Visual Workflow Designer and Engine: Evolve VM is the most adaptable solution on the market. Its Visual Workflow Designer and Engine grants teams the ability to modify or create custom compliance and security checks and remediation actions in seconds without writing a single line of code. Evolve VM administrators can use the Workflow Designer and Adaptiva’s built-in API creation capabilities to easily integrate with other third-party products for deeper customization.

“Eighty percent of attacks occur at the endpoint, and no matter how good your security software is, you can’t take advantage of its features if your endpoint is configured incorrectly or out of compliance,” added Souders. “People alone can’t solve the endpoint vulnerability problem. Evolve VM will.”

To see the next generation of vulnerability management, visit the Adaptiva booth, South Expo #3238, at RSA Conference 2019.

To learn more about Adaptiva Evolve VM or receive updates prior to general availability later this spring, please visit

About Adaptiva

Adaptiva is a leading, global provider of endpoint management and security solutions. The company’s products, including OneSite™ and Evolve VM™, empower enterprises to manage and secure endpoints at unparalleled speed and massive scale using the power of peer-to-peer technology. Adaptiva is self-funded, highly profitable, and growing at a rapid rate. Leading global Fortune 1000 organizations, including T-Mobile, Nokia, HSBC, Walgreens, the U.S. Department of Defense, and the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, use Adaptiva products to eliminate the need for a vast IT infrastructure and automate countless endpoint management and security tasks. Learn more at, and follow the company at LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.

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i Cybersecurity Ventures, Cybercrime Damages $6 Trillion by 2021,

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Release Summary

Adaptiva launches first of its kind product that automatically repairs security vulnerabilities at the moment they are detected.


Dottie O’Rourke
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(650) 344-1260