Scytale Launches Commercial Offerings to Help Secure Cloud-Native Organizations Using SPIFFE

  • Pinterest, Square, Uber, and others are increasingly contributing to the SPIFFE open source project
  • Scytale announces software subscription and consulting to help organizations adopt SPIFFE.

SAN FRANCISCO--()--Scytale Inc., a founding contributor to the Cloud Native Computing Foundation’s (CNCF) SPIFFE open-source project, today announced the availability of Scytale Essentials and Scytale Professional Services, two commercial offerings that accelerate and optimize the design, deployment, and scaling of the popular open-source software in cloud-native enterprise IT environments.

SPIFFE Gaining Popularity Amongst Cloud-Native Ecosystem

Inspired by production infrastructure at Facebook, Google, Netflix, and more, SPIFFE (and SPIRE, its sister project) launched in December 2017 and were invited into the CNCF in March 2018. Together, the projects deliver a foundational capability - service identity - for cloud- and container-deployed microservices. The projects have rapidly grown in popularity, have contributions from Google, Pinterest, Square, Uber, and others, and enable organizations to deliver secure, high performance, multi-cloud, and multi-tenant IT infrastructure more quickly to its employees, customers, and partners.

"Much like Kubernetes, I believe SPIFFE will serve as one of the foundational technologies to enable the cloud-native enterprise," said Joe Beda, a Kubernetes founder. "I'm enthusiastic about how far, wide, and diverse the support has been for SPIFFE and SPIRE, and look forward to even greater enterprise adoption."

Multiple cloud-native technologies are interoperable with SPIFFE, including the Istio project, HashiCorp Consul, Pinterest’s Knox, and Square’s Ghostunnel. SPIFFE also recently announced integration with the CNCF’s Envoy project, thus allowing organizations to deploy Envoy with vastly improved security.

“At Square, product teams are given the flexibility to choose technology stacks that best fit their specific needs. As a result, we have a number of heterogeneous platforms running across our data centers and cloud which made it increasingly difficult for applications to securely and easily trust and talk to each other using platform native identities,” said Matthew McPherrin, a security engineer at Square, during a presentation at the November 2018 SPIFFE Community Day event. “SPIFFE provides us with an interoperable standard to ensure secure communication between services across infrastructure providers.”

Scytale Commercial Offerings Help Organizations Accelerate SPIFFE Deployments

Organizations adopting SPIFFE recognize it as mission-critical security infrastructure that requires careful planning and execution. Today, Scytale is giving organizations access to its engineers and experience through two commercial offerings: Scytale Essentials and Scytale Professional Services.

Scytale Essentials is an annual subscription that includes immediate access to critical bug fixes and security patches for a Scytale-supported, production-hardened distribution of SPIRE. Scytale Professional Services complements Scytale Essentials with on-demand professional services for organizations designing, implementing, and scaling SPIRE.

“It’s great to see SPIFFE growing in popularity and catalyzing a standard, tooling, and ecosystem around service identity,” said Sunil James, Scytale CEO. “Our new commercial offerings give organizations implementing SPIFFE the confidence of working with a supportive vendor while also maintaining the benefits of vendor-neutral open-source software.”

For more details on the offerings, please read this blog post.

About Scytale

Founded in 2017 by seasoned engineers from Amazon Web Services, Google, Okta, PagerDuty, and Duo Security, Scytale helps enterprise security engineering teams standardize and accelerate service authentication across cloud, container, and on-premise infrastructure.



Press Contact:
Umair Khan


Press Contact:
Umair Khan