InfoSlips Chooses Pryon to Bring AI to Interactive Documents

Partnership to make InfoSlips documents even more dynamic and powerful for enterprise customers through Pryon’s Augmented Intelligence platform and integration services from Nikia Dx

InfoSlips chooses Pryon to bring AI and natural language enablement to interactive documents (Photo: Business Wire)

NEW YORK--()--Pryon Inc., an artificial intelligence (AI) company focused on Augmented Intelligence for the enterprise, today announced that InfoSlips, an award-winning provider of digital document engagement services, has selected the company to bring AI and natural language enablement to its interactive documents. Consumers who receive monthly statements, sales representatives who get account reports, and even employees who receive benefit information can interrogate the content by asking questions and get answers from their dynamic digital documents.

“AI technology could be the most significant advance to the modern document since it was invented in 1922,” said Alan Burger, CEO of InfoSlips LLC. “AI will change documents from inert representations of data into useful and always-on interactive information sources. For enterprises, partnering with Pryon brings the future of documents one step closer by opening new and more personalized ways to engage with and deliver value to customers and colleagues.”

“AI, especially Augmented Intelligence, is revolutionizing almost every industry by combining the strengths of humans and machines,” said Igor Jablokov, CEO of Pryon. “Partnering with InfoSlips will enable enterprises to utilize our Augmented Intelligence platform to deliver even more value through interactive and insightful documents.”

Innovation-as-a-Service with Nikia Dx
To help enterprises implement InfoSlips’ intelligent documents, Nikia Dx will provide integration and consulting services that result from the partnership. The company specializes in the design, delivery, and optimization of emerging technologies including dynamic digital documents. Nikia Dx’s ecosystem of innovations facilitates the combination of technologies like AI from Pryon and intelligent documents from InfoSlips to improve customer engagement, lower costs, and provide new cross-sell and up-sell opportunities.

InfoSlips Interactive Documents
InfoSlips works with enterprises to turn “flat” and “lifeless” customer documents such as bills, statements, invoices, newsletters, and financial portfolios into useful and easy-to-understand interactive experiences. Using its Designed Outcomes methodology and award-winning cloud-based technology platform, InfoSlips designs, composites, and distributes documents that deliver rich, interactive, and engaging experiences. InfoSlips has developed deep industry expertise in financial services, telecom, utilities, human resources, and education.

Pryon’s Augmented Intelligence Platform
Pryon’s Augmented Intelligence platform orchestrates information across channels, endpoints, and sources with state-of-the-art context awareness, disambiguation, inference, natural language, and other AI techniques. The platform goes far beyond today’s helpful, but limited bots, robotic process automation (RPA) tools, and voice assistants to enable and support a secure interactive agent for customers and employees boosting engagement, intelligence, and productivity.

AI-Enabled Document Availability
Enterprises interested in AI-enabled interactive documents should contact Daniel Friel at Nikia Dx via email at or by phone at +1 (704) 771-9059.

About InfoSlips
InfoSlips is an award-winning provider of document engagement services. The company helps enterprises create and deliver millions of engaging, interactive, and secure documents across multiple types of devices every day. As AI and voice transform nearly every industry, InfoSlips is reinventing documents to provide easier accessibility, drive down costs, and service a wider audience, while connecting with customers in a more personalized way than ever before. For more information about InfoSlips, please visit:

About Pryon Inc.
Pryon is an AI company focused on Augmented Intelligence for the enterprise. Driven by the team that designed and built the core human language technologies behind Amazon Alexa and IBM Watson, Pryon’s Augmented Intelligence platform combines the strengths of people and machines. Using Pryon’s secure, natural language, and voice-based interactive agent, Fortune 500 companies are enhancing the intelligence, performance, and productivity of their workers. To learn more about Pryon, please visit:


Michael Adams
VP Communications
+1 (415) 851-2213

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InfoSlips selects Pryon to bring AI and natural language enablement to interactive documents. Nikia Dx to provide integration services.

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Michael Adams
VP Communications
+1 (415) 851-2213