BrainCreators is Changing the World of Enterprise AI

The BrainMatter platform transforms organizations to data-centric businesses

AMSTERDAM--()--Today AI expert company BrainCreators launches their new BrainMatter platform. The platform facilitates the creation of high quality structured datasets from any data source at scale for enterprises. BrainMatter supports a diverse range of data formats including image, speech, text, audio, video, time-series and sensor data.

BrainMatter is the first enterprise ready AI platform, quickly enabling your team with custom annotation screens and dashboards. Models will be continuously trained and applied in the background to increase the speed and accuracy of the annotation process. For deep integration with your data science we provide access to all data.

BrainMatter offers a smart and customizable data annotation platform that takes away the labor-intensive and costly operation of building large, high quality labeled datasets. It significantly speeds up the labeling process and optimizes data for AI model training.

Why is data preparation so important for AI?

AI is reshaping industries by disrupting existing business and operating models, however most companies are capturing only a fraction of the potential value of AI related technologies. Machine learning is already improving operational efficiencies and saving costs for the early adopters and data is the critical asset that will drive competitive advantage. Any company seeking to apply AI technology must begin by preparing datasets. This used to be a very labor intensive and costly operation.

“Many companies that want to start adopting artificial intelligence hit a roadblock before they even start as their data isn’t prepared for AI. We’ve experienced this with all our enterprise clients and that’s how we came up with the concept of BrainMatter,” said Jasper Wognum, Co-Founder and CEO of BrainCreators. "BrainMatter enables the application of machine learning and AI for businesses across verticals. It accelerates their transformation to a data-centric enterprise. You can start innovating right away; we solve AI data preparation for you.”

Founding story

BrainCreators was founded in 2016 by three University of Amsterdam graduates who studied artificial intelligence in the mid ’90s. The Co-Founders have had extensive careers in software development, Gerbert Kaandorp for example, founded Backbase, which grew into the global leader in banking portal technology.

BrainCreators is an expert AI partner to international enterprises, offering education, implementation and integration services. The company is trusted by Vodafone, Tata Steel and DHL. Business partners include IBM, Nvidia and Capgemini. More information is available at

Find BrainCreators at CES in Eureka Park (Sands), Hall G, booth 51726.


Annabelle Morris

Release Summary

BrainCreators is changing the world of enterprise AI


Annabelle Morris