Rockchip Released AIoT Solution RK1808 with Built-In High Performance NPU at CES2019

LAS VEGAS--()--CES2019 - Rockchip, a leading Chinese semiconductor company, today released the RK1808, an AIoT solution with built-in high performance NPU.

In terms of hardware specifications, Rockchip RK1808 AIoT solution features :

  • Dual-core Cortex-A35 CPU architecture
  • NPU computing performance up to 3.0TOPs
  • VPU supporting 1080P video codec, microphone array with hardware VAD function and camera video signal input with built-in ISP

AIoT is an inevitable trend of the IoT development and also an excellent chance for intelligent upgrades of traditional industries. The four dominant features about functional modules and rich interfaces of Rockchip RK1808 will efficiently energize the AIoT eco-chain and meet developers’ needs to integrate technology into real-life applications.

1. Ultimate low power consumption

  • Adopting 22nm FD-SOI process
  • Power consumption reduced by about 30%, compared with mainstream 28nm process under the same performance
  • DDR-free operation of the always-on device with built-in 2MB system-level SRAM
  • With hardware VAD function for low-power monitoring and far-field wake-up

2. Powerful AI computing

  • Built-in NPU, computing performance up to 3TOPs
  • Supporting INT8/INT16/FP16 hybrid operation to optimize performance, power consumption and operation accuracy
  • Supporting network model conversion with strong compatibility: TensorFlow / MXNet / PyTorch / Caffe

3. Rich AIoT-oriented interfaces for application expansion

  • For video, supporting MIPI / CIF/BT1120 video input and MIPI/RGB output
  • For audio, supporting microphone array input and audio output
  • Sensor input and output interfaces including : PWM/I2C/SPI /UART
  • High-speed device interfaces including: USB3.0/USB2.0 /PCIE
  • Supporting Gigabit Ethernet and external WiFi/BT modules

4. Easy to develop

  • Supporting Linux system
  • AI application development SDK: supporting C/C++ and Python

Rockchip RK1808 solution is designed for various AI applications including security, education, automobile, smart wearable devices, home appliances, storage and so on, with a series of functions such as voice wake-up, speech recognition, face detection and attribute analysis, face recognition, posture analysis, target detection and recognition, image processing, etc. RK1808 can not only power technology upgrades and breakthrough for the AIoT eco-chain, but can also help eco-chain partners to explore the AIoT market.


Sharon Tan
86 15999506699


Sharon Tan
86 15999506699