Delos Debuts DARWIN at CES 2019 — The World’s First Home Wellness Intelligence Network

Experience the DARWIN™ Home Wellness Intelligence Network for the first time at CES. DARWIN is designed to enhance human health, well-being and performance by monitoring, calibrating and responding to changing indoor environmental conditions.

NEW YORK--()--Delos™, a wellness real estate and technology firm based in New York, will showcase the DARWIN Home Wellness Intelligence Network for the first time in the U.S. during CES from January 7 to 11, 2019 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Leveraging Delos’ position as the pioneer of wellness real estate, and building on seven years of research with leading experts and institutions, the DARWIN Home Wellness Intelligence Network is a groundbreaking offering that seeks to turn your home into a catalyst for enhanced health, well-being and performance. Using proprietary software, wellness algorithms and sensor technologies, DARWIN is designed to help enhance energy, sleep and overall well-being, and reduce indoor contaminants that negatively affect respiratory, cardiovascular, immune and cognitive health by monitoring and calibrating air, water and light quality. DARWIN has been engineered to integrate seamlessly into existing smart home and smart assistant platforms, or to stand alone in cases where smart home technology is not installed in the home.

DARWIN pricing starts at approximately $3,500 (MSRP) and is offered in a number of configurations to accommodate homes of all sizes and types including single family, multi-family and luxury custom residences. DARWIN is available nationwide through HTSA dealers and builders in the U.S. and abroad.

According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Americans spend about 90 percent of their time indoors, much of which is spent in their homes. New research from Hanley Wood shows more homebuyers prioritize design elements, systems and technologies that promote good health over traditional amenities like hardwood floors, outdoor patios and walk-in closets.

“We’re now spending $4.2 trillion globally on health and wellness-focused products, from fitness apps to personal health care to nutrition programs,” said Delos CEO and Founder Paul Scialla. “DARWIN is designed to empower people to be healthier, happier and more productive in their own home by adding a layer of wellness intelligence to the smart-home landscape.”

DARWIN focuses on four main components: air filtration, water purification, dynamic circadian lighting and comfort-focused technologies, all of which are designed to simulate natural outdoor conditions.

  • Air quality sensors are installed in the home and are monitored by proprietary algorithms that intuitively recognize when air quality drops below pre-set levels and automatically triggers the air purification system to remediate poor air quality.
  • Water filtration solutions are selected to remediate geographically-important water quality issues at all water sources in the home.
  • Dynamic circadian lighting systems that mimic the natural sun patterns throughout the day are utilized to balance your sleep wake cycle. Energizing bright light in the morning transitions to calming warm light in the evening to help your body produce melatonin and prepare for a restful night’s sleep, leaving you more rested, refreshed and recharged.
  • Comfort-focused technologies in the bedroom, including dynamic temperature control and automatic black out shades, create a supportive and comfortable sleep environment that minimizes disturbances and promotes restful nights. Dawn simulation scenes and sounds of nature provide a more natural and gentle way to wake up.

The DARWIN dashboard delivers the wellness status of the home and provides key information about how the home is performing, including real-time air quality monitoring, pollutant information and research-based wellness algorithms and experiences that can be customized to fit your lifestyle and needs. DARWIN can be controlled from a smartphone app, stand-alone tablet, Google Home integration and various home automation systems, giving you the freedom to control and access the dashboard from any room in your home. Key to DARWIN’s adaptability is a wide range of curated third-party products approved by Delos Labs, a multi-disciplinary research and development arm of Delos that collaborates with top industry experts as well as leading academic and medical institutions globally. Delos continues to engineer APIs into a growing library of compatible products and devices, as part of the DARWIN network.

Delos launched DARWIN in Australia in September 2018, its first official foray into the single-family volume home sector, through a collaboration with Simonds Homes. DARWIN is currently included in the base package of all Simonds Homes built in Victoria, Australia – reflecting the volume home builder’s belief that living in a wellness home should be a right, not a privilege. Upcoming projects in the U.S. include:

  • HTSA Network: Delos is training a growing network of professionals throughout the United States to become accredited DARWIN dealers and installers.
  • KB Home Projekt: Delos is a title sponsor for the KB Home of the Future at the 2019 CES in Las Vegas, N.V. The home features DARWIN and is voice-enabled through the Google Home system.
  • Luxury Residences: As part of a broad national roll out in luxury housing, DARWIN is currently being commissioned by many of the most sought after newly constructed luxury homes and condos in the United States.

Delos has fostered research collaborations with the Cleveland Clinic, Mayo Clinic, a board of doctors from the Columbia University Medical Center and architects, scientists and wellness thought leaders to introduce wellness standards, programs and solutions into the built environment. Delos established the Well Living Lab™ in collaboration with Mayo Clinic — the world’s first lab committed to researching the real-world impacts of the indoor environment on human health, well-being and performance. The creation of The WELL Building Standard™ (WELL) was one of Delos’ earliest accomplishments and industry transformative innovations. The International WELL Building Institute was established by Delos as an independent, separately governed organization to continue WELL's development and drive market uptake – with now over 1,200 projects in 45 countries, across over 250 million square feet of commercial real estate. After the successful launch of WELL, Delos extended its research and program creation to more directly address the environmental impact our homes have on our health, well-being and performance with the release of the DARWIN Home Wellness Intelligence Network. Delos Labs created the DARWIN wellness algorithms in collaboration with experts from top academic institutions.

“The introduction of the DARWIN Home Wellness Intelligence Network is a natural extension of Delos’ leading science and research and makes improved health, well-being and happiness available to all households,” said Deepak Chopra (Delos Advisory Board Member).

Delos will showcase DARWIN during Pepcom’s Digital Experience! event in Las Vegas, NV on January 7. Delos representatives also will be available for demonstrations and media interviews during CES at The Venetian, from January 6 to 9, 2019.

About Delos

Delos is a wellness real estate and technology company guided by the mission to be the world’s leading catalyst for improving the health and well-being of people around the world by improving the indoor environments where they live, work, sleep and play. Informed by more than seven years of research and rigorous analysis of environmental health impacts on people, Delos and its subsidiaries offer an array of evidence-based technology and solutions for residential and commercial spaces. Delos is the founder of the WELL Building Standard™, the premier standard for buildings, interior spaces and communities seeking to implement, validate and measure features that support and advance human health and wellness. Its subsidiary, the International WELL Building Institute, administers and continues WELL's development and drives market adoption. Delos’ advisory board is comprised of leading professionals across real estate, government policy, medicine and sustainability, including renowned wellness luminary Deepak Chopra and sustainability advocate Leonardo DiCaprio. For more information about Delos, please visit


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