Noomi Wallet Debuts to Elevate Crypto Banking in Blockchain 3.0 Era

Available now on Android and iOS, the free app offers cryptocurrency holders a better user experience, with virtual financial asset banking, transfer, investment, and more

QORMI, Malta--()--Noomi Wallet, a brand new, cryptocurrency banking application developed by a dedicated team of blockchain experts, officially launched today for Android and iOS devices. The digital wallet, which aims to make cryptocurrency in everyday life a mainstream reality, is designed to be both practical and easy to use.

Serious crypto investors now have a place they can invest their virtual financial assets, or VFAs, in high-yield Bitcoin and Ethereum accounts. And thanks to the streamlined user interface, it’s the perfect app for crypto fans to introduce their family, friends and associates — i.e. those who may not be as familiar with or comfortable using crypto — to the emerging world of Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other VFAs.

Among the core features:


Invest and grow your VFAs — Open a Bitcoin or Ethereum investment account with fixed, guaranteed APRs.


Support for all your VFAs — Noomi already supports some of the world’s most popular cryptocurrencies, which you can store safely in this easy-to-use wallet. These include Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH) and ERC20 tokens, CyberMiles Token (CMT), and more to come.


Instant and free transfers and withdrawals — Instantly transfer VFAs to your friends on Noomi for free.


These features offer immediate value to users and are the first part of an overall vision of building a compelling VFA services solution for the blockchain ecosystem:

“Cryptocurrency is giving rise to new ways of interacting with money and commerce,” Andrew Dao, CEO of Noomi said. “There are countless promising new blockchains and tokens being launched that strive to innovate entire industries, unlock new value for users, and create something better and unique. We believe the innovation and creativity of this blockchain-based ecosystem will evolve the way business, commerce, and finance is done, a change that cannot happen overnight.”

In addition to its primary VFA banking and payment transfer functions, Noomi sets itself further apart from other crypto wallets on the market by:

  • Empowering users to invest their BTC and ETH like fiat. Noomi works with VFA managers to let users deposit VFAs into investment accounts, with guaranteed returns, great rates (6-10 percent p.a.), and short investment periods (14-30 days).
  • Enabling usernames that you can remember. In addition to a standard wallet address, all Noomi users can choose a unique username for themselves and share that name with other users so that they can send or request cryptocurrency from you instantly.
  • Erasing gas fees. Within the Noomi network, users can send cryptocurrency to each other instantly and for free. When sending outside the Noomi network, Noomi will pay the gas fee* for the supported VFAs.
  • Eliminating the need to have a separate wallet app for different cryptocurrencies. Store and manage all of them in the Noomi Wallet, it’s as simple as that.

Furthermore, Noomi’s team is in the process of applying for the Malta government-issued license to store, transfer and manage VFAs, making it one of the first crypto wallets in the world in full compliance with Malta VFA laws and regulations.

“Our goal for Noomi is not only to support a new blockchain ecosystem, but also to assist the transition from traditional to blockchain-based practices by providing the critical layers of banking, payment processing, and investment services that tie it all together,” Dao said. “Moreover, we’re doing it in a way that benefits the people and businesses who are pioneers in this change. This app of ours is the first step.”

Noomi has partnered with CyberMiles, a new public blockchain for e-commerce, as part of the CyberMiles ecosystem. Noomi is one of more than two dozen “Supernode” candidates for the CyberMiles’ blockchain, which is set for release this week. This strategic move is intended to position Noomi as not only a leader in the VFA services space, but also a critical link in the DPoS consensus protocol that will power the CyberMiles network.

“Till now, blockchain technology has been geared largely toward technical advancements or improvements like public ledgers and smart contracts,” Dr. Lucas Lu, founder and CEO of the CyberMiles Foundation, said. “While more and more people hear about cryptocurrency every day, few of us actually own it. Its potential to revolutionize how we pay, share information, and even how we interact with each other is yet to be realized. Expanding our ecosystem, we’re confident about paving the way for regular consumers to experience the benefits of cryptocurrency like never before.”

Noomi already has undergone a professional security audit to ensure the safety of the VFAs held by the wallet and the users’ personal information. To learn more about the Noomi Wallet, go to, or join Noomi’s Telegram community at

*For a limited time only, Noomi is offering zero gas fees on any ERC20 token transaction from a Noomi user to a non-Noomi user. While CMT will be included as well, ETH and BTC transactions do not qualify for this promotional period.

About Noomi Wallet

Noomi was created to make virtual financial asset management and investment easy, secure, and most importantly, profitable. Our team of blockchain experts have banded together to build the best-in-class virtual financial asset investment and management platform that combines the traditional wallet with investment features to help you earn more no matter how the market is performing. Building on our team's experience partnering with successful blockchain projects, we are offering an innovative new way for users to manage their virtual financial assets. Download the free app via the App Store or Google Play, or visit for more.


Mark Brinkerhoff, 888-249-1352
Noomi Wallet
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Release Summary

Introducing Noomi Wallet, an app that offers cryptocurrency holders a better user experience, with virtual financial asset banking, transfer, and more



Mark Brinkerhoff, 888-249-1352
Noomi Wallet
Henan Liu