Unveils First Truly Consumer-Centric Mortgage Marketplace

Safely Shop Actual Rates From Top Lenders in 3 Minutes, and Close on the Same Platform

SAN FRANCISCO--(), the leading online loan marketplace, announces the launch of its first-of-its-kind mortgage marketplace. is the only mortgage marketplace that provides actual rates from top lenders in 3 minutes (without affecting a borrower’s credit score), and a streamlined digital origination process. The platform is designed to save borrowers frustration, time and money.

The mortgage marketplace builds on the success of the company's marketplaces for student loans, student loan refinancing, and personal loans, which have facilitated more than $1.6 billion in loans to date. The first product offered through the mortgage marketplace is mortgage refinancing, which went live today in 20 states that collectively represent 65 percent of mortgage originations.

"From the beginning, Credible’s mission has been to help people make better borrowing decisions by simplifying the shopping and origination experience,” said Credible founder and CEO Stephen Dash. “We set the standard in the student loan industry, saving borrowers tens of millions of dollars and many hours of frustration. Today we are proud to announce that we are leveraging that same technology to help people make better borrowing decisions when it comes to their largest borrowing obligation, their mortgage.” mortgage marketplace highlights:

  • Actual rates in 3 minutes: The first platform to provide actual rates from multiple lenders (not rate ranges, or estimates), without impacting a borrower’s credit score
  • Seamless origination: Credible’s technology automates much of the origination process, so borrowers can close their chosen loan without leaving the marketplace
  • Top lenders: At launch, Credible is partnered with five lenders including Quicken Loans and United Wholesale Mortgage, to offer a diverse range of mortgage products

It Pays to Compare Rates Given Continued Demand For Mortgage Refinancing

Even though interest rates are rising, over 2 million Americans are expected to refinance $543 billion in mortgages between now and the end of 2019. That's equal to half the total outstanding credit card debt and a third of all student loan debt in the U.S. Homeowners often refinance to tap equity they’ve built in their homes to pay for major expenses like home improvement, or to convert adjustable-rate mortgage (ARM) loans into fixed-rate loans.

Comparing mortgage rates can save borrowers tens of thousands of dollars. But because the process has traditionally been so tedious, three out of four borrowers only get actual rates from one lender, which often translates to paying too much interest.

At the same time, traditional comparison sites often treat borrowers as leads that are harvested and sold to lenders. And because they ignore the intricacies of lender underwriting models, these sites often provide inaccurate teaser rates or ballpark estimates.

A Painless, Automated Origination Process with A Human Touch

Refinancing your home no longer needs to be painful and overwhelming.

In addition to providing actual rates in 3 minutes, uses smart logic to simplify the origination process by asking only questions relevant to each borrower and requesting only documents needed for their unique situation and loan. The platform automates the collection of required documentation such as pay records, bank statements and tax documents, making the application process easier and faster than a traditional mortgage refinancing. Licensed loan officers are also available for those who need additional support.

Credible’s mortgage marketplace is available in the following states: California, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Maine, Maryland, Minnesota, New Jersey, North Carolina, North Dakota, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Vermont, Virginia, Wisconsin, and Washington D.C.

"Choosing the right mortgage is one of the most important decisions homeowners make,” said Dash. “We're excited to help people save time and money, and ultimately give them peace of mind.”

About Credible

As a marketplace that empowers consumers to discover financial products and services that are the best fit for their unique circumstances, is fiercely independent and committed to delivering fair and unbiased borrowing solutions for millennials. Credible’s integrations with lenders and credit bureaus allow consumers to access actual rates in 3 minutes, without sharing their information until they’re ready to proceed with a specific lender. The marketplace provides an unrivaled customer experience, as reflected by over 1,500 positive Trustpilot reviews and a TrustScore of 9.5/10. Credible (CRD.ASX) is listed on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX).


Alan Gellman, 415-894-9219


Alan Gellman, 415-894-9219