Howe Successfully Passes the Baton to USA Federal and State Congressional and Law Enforcement Apparatus, as well as Major Media Outlets, SubscriberWise Announces

Car rental UDAAPs no longer mere allegations but now hard facts on the permanent public record and forever under the bright light of day, SubscriberWise says

SubscriberWise founder and America's child identity guardian David Howe, holding two public records each containing sworn testimony which has been provided to USA Congress, law enforcement, and media confirming profound consumer UDAAPs. (Photo: Business Wire)

WASHINGTON--()--David Howe, America's Child Identity Guardian and President of SubscriberWise, the nation’s largest issuing CRA for communications and the leading protector of children victimized by identity fraud, announced today the exchange of what he believes is the most comprehensive proof of state and federal car-rental UDAAPs (Unfair, Deceptive, Abusive Acts or Practices) to the United States of America federal and state law enforcement agencies, including the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Florida Attorney General, Pam Bondi’s Office including Consumer Protection Director Victoria Butler.

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In addition, the mountain of evidence, along with two public records each containing sworn testimony with remarkably contradictory statements and exhibits, have been provided to staff members of the Honorable United States Senator Sherrod Brown, including colleagues from Honorable Senator Brown’s Office who work for the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB). Other United States Senators’ staff members, including the Honorable Elizabeth Warren, the Honorable Bill Nelson, and the Honorable Charles Schumer, have been alerted to what Howe insists are the relentless abuses perpetrated against United States Citizens, as well as our sisters and brothers who visit our beloved and law-loving nation from around the world.

“MISSION ACCOMPLISHED,” proclaimed David Howe, SubscriberWise founder, FICO Professor, and Identity Guardian for babies, for girls, and for boys. “Yes, we now and finally no longer have mere allegations of predatory behavior including even criminal intent and corruption. Instead, we have two powerful and unimpeachable public records, each containing sworn testimony -- including from the same witness involved in the scheme -- that I firmly believe reveal in the most remarkable terms a sophisticated cover-up that evolved into a grand-story with patently false testimony and exhibits.

SEE: (‘Damage Evaluator’ and notice the photo with the clear disclaimer regarding ‘Bumper Scrapes’; compare to sworn manager testimony taken under-oath during photographic-exhibit cross-examination that proves consumer financial harm)

“And it’s all now on the public record under the bright light of day – so obviously and so undeniably contrary to the industry marketing and proclamations that otherwise deceive the public into reducing caution when renting a vehicle and driving off the lot. It’s a wholly unfair and abusive system that ensures self-implication when innocent consumers mistakenly rely – through marketing and advertising that work precisely as intended – on the expectation of the ‘good faith and fair dealing covenant’; a standard and best-practice only ethical and honest companies engage and strive for with zeal.

“It’s true,” Howe confirmed. “The publicly trumpeted ‘damage’ protocols are now proved disgraced in the most obvious manner one could imagine. In fact, I believe only a review of the testimony can fully reveal the incredible violations of FTC and CFPB rules and regulations, as well as a myriad of state and federal consumer violations that would make even an infant’s head spin because of the abuse and injustice so shamefully evident on the permanent public records.

“So today, as I officially and finally pass the baton and move on from this incredibly harmful and horrifically painful life-event, I want to express the most sincere gratitude a human being can muster for all those who have aided and assisted me in bringing this harmful behavior to light,” continued Howe. “And, of course, it’s not possible for me to adequately thank each and every person. It’s not possible for me to thank each and every agency who came to side with truth and justice. For me, each is an ‘army of allies’ and I remain profoundly grateful.

“But, in particular, there is one agency and one individual that indeed do deserve extraordinary thanks and recognition,” Howe insisted. “There is one agency that I must single-out for a loud and clear recognition that otherwise allowed a temporarily fallen-victim to get back on his feet and raise his head high and proud for the world to know and see. That agency is the Lee County Port Authority Police Department at the SW FL Fort Myers International Airport. And that individual is a dedicated and professional law-enforcement officer who delivered the most significant contribution to truth and justice in terms of exposing the facts and details associated with this financial rental scandal relentlessly exacted against the public ‘en masse’.

“Yes, it’s simply a fact that without the incredibly comprehensive and thorough independent investigation report, including sworn witness statements from the same individual who I feel eagerly and brazenly neglected the facts in sworn testimony in a United States of America Court of Law and in the presence of the Honorable Archie B. Hayward Jr. in Lee County, Florida, there could be no possibility of exposing this extreme bad act and cover-up.

“I believe without the officer’s demonstrated due-diligence and unwavering commitment to the details and the facts from other actors involved -- who also directly and indirectly contradicted the fantasy and fiction so desperately concocted under-oath in Judge Hayward’s courtroom -- there could be no possibility of exposing this extreme bad act and cover-up,” added Howe.

“And, let the record reflect now and forever, the same must be stated regarding the extraordinary investigative facts so powerfully exposed by the high-definition photos that the officer thoughtfully included in his remarkable work of art that so profoundly and so unequivocally impeached the scheme that was presented under-oath nearly two years later in the Lee County Justice Center in the 20th Judicial Circuit, Honorable Archie B. Hayward Jr.

SEE: (court testimony proves manager conveniently failed to safeguard video that was used to implicate – even after recorded audio proving video was viewed. Both police and victim made repeated demands to view video to no avail. Manager testified to court having no awareness of otherwise common-sense duty to preserve evidence.)

“Yes, let the record again reflect the baton is passed,” Howe affirmed. “Law enforcement, Congress, major media, and – most importantly, the USA public and our neighbors from around the world, can now and forever know the truth. The sad, harmful, and frightening truth about the very real financial harms that await the renting public because of an industry operating in the disgraceful and conspicuous absence of uniform and predictable standards.

“As for whom I consider the criminal predators, for them no amount of justification, no amount of marketing, no amount of spin, no amount of human effort will ever hide or conceal the unethical and harmful deeds they level with zeal, shame, and disgust against honest and innocent renters past, present and future,” Howe concluded.

The two permanent public records available to ALL under Florida’s broad ‘Sunshine Law’ ( :

  1. Lee County Port Authority Police (Case No. 2016000055203
  2. Lee County Clerk of the Court (Case No. 18-SC-001768)

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