Astronomer Launches Simple, Scalable, Cloud-Native Apache Airflow Management Service

The company’s latest release runs on Kubernetes to provides a commercially-supported, high-availability solution for organizations seeking to adopt Apache Airflow.

CINCINNATI--()--Astronomer has released a major upgrade to its enterprise-ready Apache Airflow platform, making it easier to get Airflow running in minutes on Kubernetes. The latest release allows users to spin up multiple Airflow clusters anywhere Kubernetes runs, including public clouds (AWS, GCP, Azure) and on-prem private clouds. It is designed to simplify the process of running and monitoring data workflows and clusters at scale, with high-availability and maximum security.

While the latest release scales up to organizations with many workflows and complex requirements, Astronomer scales down to serve organizations of all sizes, including technology startups, and can run on a single-node Kubernetes cluster. Airflow is being adopted for data workflow management at an incredible rate, but operationalizing Airflow at scale requires considerable effort to set up, monitor and maintain. Reliability is a constant concern when customers are running their own clusters. Astronomer is designed to greatly reduce the time and effort to get Airflow up and running and keep it running smoothly, even at large scale.

“Airflow is now being used by everyone from individual data scientists at small startups to huge data teams at the largest global companies,” said Ry Walker, CEO of Astronomer. “We are excited to work with organizations all over the world to help them automate their data workflows and refine valuable information from their data into all aspects of their business.”

Specific benefits of the latest Astronomer release include:

  • Multiple clouds and teams. Once Astronomer is installed, users are up and running with the ability to deploy multiple Airflow clusters. Users can create team workspaces that are isolated, with the ability to invite team members to collaborate.
  • High availability. Astronomer relies exclusively on Kubernetes to provide the most reliable Airflow service in the market.
  • Simple scalability. Astronomer’s integration with Kubernetes makes it easy to scale resources up or down easily. Future releases will target a “scale to zero” auto-scaling strategy where organizations will only pay for compute resources that are actively used, versus the common practice today of reserving a pool of resources for maximum load.
  • Powered by open-source. Widely-used, widely-supported and constantly improving, Astronomer is built on open source, free from the obfuscation of black-box commercial alternatives.

More than just software

Along with its platform subscriptions that include Airflow user support, the company also offers Airflow professional services and training, as well as a growing library of guides, podcast episodes and blog posts. Recently, Astronomer also launched Data Engineering meetups in Denver, San Francisco and Cincinnati.

“Astronomer provides a turn-key, flexible, scalable, and affordable ETL solution to power our batch processing of billions of rows of data per day for our customers. In addition, their expert data engineers have trained our engineering team so we could be self-sufficient; they've been a great partner!" - Nic Zangre, VP Product, CaliberMind

About Astronomer

Astronomer is dedicated to helping Apache Airflow win in the marketplace, and is the first company to offer a commercial platform and support for Apache Airflow. The Astronomer platform is open-source and fully hackable, and can be deployed in minutes to your Kubernetes for maximum security and control. Astronomer also provides support, services and training to help your organization adopt an agile data engineering culture. Astronomer is trusted by Fortune 100 companies and startups, around the world. For more information, visit


Pete DeJoy,


Pete DeJoy,