The Best Time for Orthodontic Treatment is Before School Starts

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PLANTATION, Fla.--()--The last thing any kid wants to do in the summertime is spend a few hours in the orthodontist’s office. But this is the best time of year to get orthodontic treatment.

Getting braces during summer can make for an easier adjustment period. It is easier to learn to talk, eat and live with braces without the added stress of school (and social) demands. Plus, the cool, soft foods of summer are ideal for soothing the pain, irritation and sores that can occur when braces are first installed and during the weeks to follow. By the time school is in session again, the child's comfort and confidence levels may be higher. In fact, they may not be as aware of their braces as they become more used to them.

But the cost of braces may be a challenge for parents no matter what time of year their kids begin orthodontic care. On average braces cost $5,000-$6,000. And that price goes up for braces made of clear materials, treatment for complex oral issues, and location—residents of bigger cities can expect to pay more for orthodontics.

Dental insurance can help a bit, but typically has an annual maximum spending limit of $1,000-$1,500 and may also have a lifetime limit on coverage for orthodontics. That leaves families paying much of the cost of care out of pocket. The best option for reducing the cost of braces is often a dental savings plan. These plans do not have annual spending limits or lifetime caps on orthodontic care. Plan members enjoy reduced rates on dental care at a nationwide network of 100,000+ dentists.

"We all know braces can be extremely expensive, so I was dreading our orthodontist visit. As expected, I was quoted upwards of $6,000 alone for my daughters' full mouth of braces," said Margaret Keen, Vice President of Network Development for "However, with the discounts from my dental savings plan, we saved 35%—that's more than $2,000 in savings."

Dental savings plans typically provide savings of 10%-60% on a wide variety of dental treatments, from orthodontics for kids and adults, to root canals, crowns, bridges, dental implants, and preventive care. And since members can use their plan to save at the dentist as often as they wish, there is no need to ration family dental care or delay treatment to keep costs below insurance's annual spending limit.

Easing the Adjustment to Braces Period

1: Eyes on the goal – explain to kids why braces are important (a nicer-looking smile, healthier teeth, easier to chew/talk, etc.)

2: Find out from the orthodontist what to expect during the process and afterwards. This varies according to the type of braces, but feeling a little pressure on teeth is typical during application, followed by a sore mouth and a sensation of tooth-tightness for the first few days. Knowing exactly what to expect can help.

3: Stock up on soft foods and (for wire braces) wax made for use with braces. Orthodontics wax coats braces’ wires so that they don’t irritate the mouth. Ask the orthodontist if wax will be needed, and what other supplies to have on hand.

4: Expect to spend more time on oral hygiene. Since food particles can easily get caught in braces, it is important to brush very thoroughly, rinse and floss. Orthodontists may recommend using a type of floss especially for braces, and/or special kinds of electronic toothbrushes.

5: Plan to see the orthodontist often. As the teeth move into their desired new positions, braces will have to be adjusted. Expect a little discomfort for a few days following each adjustment.

Summertime—and dental savings plans—are great reasons to smile. Find out more about reducing the cost of quality dental care at

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