Datadog Announces Global Search and Analytics for Application Traces

  • Trace Search and Analytics provides the capability to quickly search through massive volumes of application performance data
  • Engineers using this function can pinpoint the exact sequence of events that caused a problem for a specific customer

NEW YORK--()--Datadog, the leading monitoring and analytics platform for modern cloud environments, today announced the availability of Trace Search and Analytics. This new capability allows engineers to explore, graph, and correlate high cardinality application performance data. With Trace Search and Analytics, users can pinpoint exact traces for specific customers by filtering on key business and application attributes such as usernames, customer, host, domain SKUs, dollar value, etc.

When an issue occurs in a modern application, finding the trace that identifies the root cause becomes essential to remediating the problem. Finding these “needles in a haystack” has required developers to write labor intensive queries that are prone to slowness, inaccuracies, and delays during critical production issues.

Datadog’s Trace Search and Analytics offers a search-engine-like experience where results update in real-time as a user types in their search criteria. This is a significant speed advantage when sifting through application data during an outage. Notably, using this search capability does not require writing in a specialized query language, allowing any user to explore trace data on-the-fly immediately.

Furthermore, the search results can also be quantified, graphed, and compared using these same attributes without limits of cardinality. Lastly, trace search results are tightly integrated with performance data from logs and infrastructure metrics so users can correlate a specific trace to the performance of the underlying application infrastructure to pinpoint the root cause of an issue.

"Trace Search and Analytics in Datadog APM has allowed our engineering team to focus our application performance monitoring on specific customers and correlate their experiences to the health of the underlying infrastructure,” said Hemant Kataria, Sr. DevOps Manager at Zendesk. “This functionality is now used across Zendesk in performance investigations, capacity planning, and post-mortems."

“Trace Search and Analytics is the next evolution of Datadog’s APM Product and is a direct response to our customers’ need to quickly find specific traces to determine the root cause of an incident,” said Brad Menezes, Director of Product Management at Datadog. “I’ve been excited to watch users adopt this functionality and change their daily workflow -- it makes it clear that the ability to slice and dice application metrics on-the-fly without cardinality limitations is a killer feature for customers.”

According to Gartner, Inc. “Drastic changes are occurring that are challenging these traditional tool types, and will force users of these technologies to re-evaluate their function.” These include, “the explosion of the variety, volume and velocity of IT data that will force IT to come up with new ways to mine this data for actionable insights toward achieving optimum availability and performance… Each of these aspects will force IT operations to alter how monitoring is done, both from a tooling perspective and a process and skills perspective.” 2018 Strategic Roadmap for IT Operations Monitoring Published 22 June 2018

General Availability and Pricing

Trace Search and Analytics was announced at Dash, Datadog’s new conference for engineers who are building and scaling the next generation of applications, infrastructure, and technical teams. This capability is now available within Datadog for all existing customers and new users. Pricing for Trace Search and Analytics begins at $1.27 per million trace events per month.

Also Announced by Datadog at Dash

Datadog also announced Watchdog, a machine learning based autonomous monitoring capability, and Logging Without Limits, new capabilities that completely change how logs are used by DevOps teams, at Dash in New York City today.

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