Predata Expands Predictive Analytics Offering with its New Focus and Foundation Products

New SaaS-based products, built on existing machine learning and AI technology platform, supports at-a-glance and deep analysis of open web data for geopolitical risk assessments

NEW YORK & WASHINGTON--()--Predata today announced the launch of its new Focus and Foundation products for predictive analytics. The new SaaS-based products are built on Predata’s machine learning and AI-driven platform for anticipating global geopolitical events, which was named by CIO Review as one of the most promising cognitive computing solutions of 2018.

Predata Focus delivers at-a-glance geopolitical risk insight through a dashboard view. Focus provides access to an easily configured set of out-of-the-box data sets and assessment signals. The data and signals are presented in simplified graphic visualizations with tools to understand risk drivers. Predata Focus offers insights into the countries and topics of client-interest and provides email alerts based on user-defined thresholds. Focus allows users to gain a broad, yet quick, understanding of a wide variety of potential risks, all in one interface.

Predata Foundation includes all of the capabilities of Focus, plus additional tools for custom analysis. Foundation provides access to Predata’s entire open web data sets tracking back to 2010, as well as over 100,000 metadata signals. Predata Foundation also enables users to create custom risk signals trained on the user’s own proprietary data. Additionally, the Foundation product offers advanced signal analysis and onsite user training. In all, Foundation users can fully investigate specific risks that matter to them most.

“Predata’s machine learning algorithms successfully turn open web metadata into predictive intelligence that helps our clients anticipate future risks and make better decisions,” said Predata CEO Hazem Dawani. “The new Focus and Foundation products provide our clients with more choices. Our clients now have the option to use our analytics for top-level insights or for answering specific questions.”

Users of Predata’s platform extend across government, corporate and financial sectors such as recently announced relationships with London-based macro analytics firm Quant Insight and Washington, D.C.-based think tank Center for Strategic and International Studies.

“Predata allows me to get a pulse on potential risks and then choose to dig deeper into the data when I need more information. With Predata, I am able to test whether my assumptions about the world are on track or misaligned. I can see the probabilities—both risks and opportunities—quickly and that’s key in my role as the head of risk,” said Chief Risk Officer Vamsee Yerramilli of Willowbridge Associates, a N.J. based asset management company.

The Predata platform organizes unstructured data and combines it with machine learning to provide insights into online human behavior and future risks. Some of the events where Predata’s predictive analytics platform has been successfully engaged, include:

Terrorism: A Predata signal built to anticipate terrorist bombings in Mogadishu Somalia spiked sharply in October 2017 within 14 days ahead of one of the deadliest bombings in recent history. The signal continued to rise afterwards, anticipating a second bombing that occurred two weeks later.

Geopolitical conflict: The Predata platform identified a pattern of digital activity preceding Russian military exercises and conflict in Crimea and Donbass early in the Ukraine crisis in 2014. This same pattern was also seen prior to other offensives by pro-Russian separatist groups, abetted by Russia, in the following months of the crisis.

Market moves: Predata signals recently predicted an upgrade in Greece’s credit rating days prior to S&P’s June 2018 announcement that it was increasing the rating from B to B+. Just last week, the platform also anticipated a gain in the Mexico peso; the USDMXN consequently fell.

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About Predata

Predata uses alternative data and predictive analytics to map online human behavior to anticipate the risk of future events. The company is building the world's smartest platform for political, financial, and market risk intelligence. Predata's platform enables customers to discover, quantify and act on dynamic shifts in online actions about topics of interest to them. Combined with a proprietary event database, Predata's signals provide users with early warning for different types of geopolitical risk events in any given country, or area of interest. For further information, visit and follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter.


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Release Summary

Predata launches new SaaS-based predictive analytics products to help its customers anticipate global geopolitical risk and market events.


Archie Group for Predata
Jeanne Yurman, 917-656-3333