Pronto Transportation Launches Online Group Transportation Booking Platform for $6B Group Bus & Motorcoach Services Industry

Pronto transforms Group transportation the way Uber, Lyft transformed Individual transportation

Pronto 1-TouchTM Booking & 1-TouchTM Dispatch deliver 85%+ OpEx reduction

ProntoRes - Cloud based Group Transportation Booking Platform (Graphic: Business Wire)

SAN FRANCISCO--()--Pronto Transportation today announced the launch of Bus & Motorcoach Industry's first cloud-based reservation system, ProntoResTM, to enable Group Travel planners to Book, Manage, Track and Pay all Group transportation services online from the Web Portal - - or Pronto Mobile App, which the company also announced as part of the launch today.

"Group transportation bookings are currently handled offline and booked by operators using Windows- and Client-Server based reservation systems by RBS, Distinctive Systems, and AL Charter," said Cory Smith, Vice President of Business Development, Pronto Transportation. "These legacy systems are not web-enabled; they are antiquated and relics of the 20th century and still rely on email, phone calls and fax messages to handle bookings, change requests, and payments. They are ill-equipped for the online and on-demand world of transportation of today and tomorrow."

Pronto 1-TouchTM Booking & 1-TouchTM Dispatch deliver 85%+ OpEx Reduction

Pronto also announced the launch of ProntoPackTM service suite comprised of ProntoResTM, Dispatch Portal and App, Driver App, and Accounting & Payroll Portal. ProntoPackTM enables 1-TouchTM Booking for bookings and change requests to all End Points instantly, automatically and with no human intervention.

"With legacy systems, each booking takes an average of 7+ touches and each change request 3+ touches between customers and reservation agents," added Cory. "ProntoResTM is the first platform to deliver 1-TouchTM booking - shortening the booking cycle from hours and days to minutes and ProntoPackTM enables 1-TouchTM Dispatch - eliminating the telephone ping-pong between customers, dispatch and drivers for real-time updates and changes."

"We are proud to have brought this state-of-the-art, cloud-based, online booking, tracking, dispatch and driver management, accounting and payroll system to the Bus & Motorcoach industry," said Allan Linden, Director of Marketing for Pronto Transportation. "With more than 15 months of hands-on experience, booking of thousands of trips and 160,000+ passengers transported by 30+ Affiliates in the Bay Area, ProntoResTM is a proven, rock-solid platform. By leveraging the 1-TouchTM booking and 1-TouchTM Dispatch in our daily operation we have realized an astounding 85%+ OpEx reduction compared to the legacy systems - exceeding even our own expectations and projections."

ProntoPackTM is now available to Operators nationwide

The company also announced today availability of the ProntoPackTM service suite for the 3,800+ operators who serve the Bus & Motorcoach services industry nationwide. Operators interested in licensing the ProntoPackTM suite or in becoming a Pronto Affiliate and joining the Pronto Affiliate Network - ProntoNetTM - may contact the company:

About Pronto Transportation:

ProntoResTM cloud-based reservation system and ProntoPackTM service suite have been developed by Versalar Transportation, LLC dba Pronto Transportation, a subsidiary of Versalar Corporation, San Mateo, CA. Founded in 2016, our mission is to design, develop and deliver Online Booking platforms for Group, Social, Business and Individual transportation services and to enable new, innovative, Pronto branded services using the platform to turbo-charge the $6B Bus Services Industry. Our Pronto Affiliate Network - ProntoNetTM - of 1,800+ Licensed Bus operators and 40%+ of the industry-wide capacity - gives us the footprint for delivery of these services nationwide. Operators interested in licensing ProntoResTM, ProntoPackTM and in joining ProntoNetTM may email ProntoResTM, ProntoPackTM, ProntoNetTM and ProntoShuttles are registered trademarks of Pronto Transportation.


Pronto Transportation
Allan Linden

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Pronto Transportation launches Group Transportation Booking Platform to transform $6B Industry like Uber, Lyft transformed individual transportation


Pronto Transportation
Allan Linden