SmartSquat Reimagines Essential Strength and Conditioning Exercise

New fitness board promotes safe, effective exercise form for gym-goers and enthusiasts of all fitness levels

DELREY BEACH, Fla.--()--Fitness industry start-up, SmartSquat®, has dramatically improved the safety and effectiveness of one of the oldest and most essential exercises on the planet – the squat – as well as many other vital, free weight exercises. The company’s new product is a stunningly simple fitness board that is quickly revolutionizing how individuals – from average gym-goers to fitness enthusiasts to professional trainers – work out. Field tested and approved by hundreds of fitness trainers, strength and conditioning specialists and physical therapists, the SmartSquat helps individuals maintain proper weight shift and form during a variety of exercises, particularly when experiencing fatigue. This makes the affordable, portable and highly versatile fitness aid a critical injury avoidance tool and a game-changer for trainers and clients alike.

The SmartSquat was conceived and perfected by fitness professionals Mike Begin and Armando Aversa, each with degrees in exercise science and a combined 30 years of fitness industry experience, ranging from private strength and conditioning and sports performance training to injury recovery and weight loss. Begin, a company co-founder, has seen first-hand how the one-of-a-kind fitness board establishes a valuable mind-muscle connection.

“Using proper body mechanics while performing squats and other free weight exercises is critical both to achieving optimal muscular development and reducing training-related injuries,” Begin said. “The SmartSquat utilizes biofeedback to promote optimal hip hinge technique and help individuals achieve appropriate weight distribution while maintaining an active core.”

All free weight exercises require engagement of the body’s largest muscles, as well as important stabilizer muscles that assist with balance and mobility. The squat, for example, utilizes an estimated 200 muscles. Each muscle must work in perfect harmony to create movements that involve three major joints— the hip, knee, and ankle.

The SmartSquat helps users avoid excessive knee loading and unnatural weight distribution, which occurs with improper form and has been linked to specific types of back, hip, and knee pain. The SmartSquat features a special mechanism, known as the “tipping beam,” which offers essential biofeedback, reducing the time trainers spend correcting their clients’ form and improving the results of every workout session. Users instead receive a physical cue that guides them to properly load their hips and distribute their weight evenly through their feet.

“Finally, the fitness community has a tool that will help people literally ‘feel’ when their squat form is off and enable them to self-correct,” said SmartSquat co-founder, Bob Morton. “We’ve had everyone from individuals undergoing physical therapy to experienced personal trainers to world-class athletes tell us that the SmartSquat has fundamentally changed how they approach their fitness routine.”

Early fitness industry adopters of the SmartSquat include highly respected fitness clubs and organizations such as Edge Fitness Clubs, Retro Fitness and Premise Health. A distribution agreement has also been finalized with Spochec Corporation that will launch SmartSquat into the South Korean market, including fitness clubs, physical therapy centers and for home use.

“We tested the SmartSquat extensively and the bottom line is that it is a great piece of equipment that is extremely simple to use,” said Andrew Chilingirian, national fitness program coordinator at Premise Health. “The SmartSquat should be in every fitness center and exercise physiologists should be utilizing this tool both in screenings and for teaching purposes. It’s incredibly valuable.”

About SmartSquat

Whether used for one-on-one, group or personal training, the SmartSquat® fitness board helps people develop proper squat mechanics, effectively target muscle groups and avoid significant injury. The biofeedback function of the SmartSquat supports a mind-muscle connection that helps users master three critical components of squat form: execute proper hip hinge technique; maintain appropriate posterior weight shift through the hips and feet; and activate core stability. With SmartSquat, trainers can spend less time correcting clients’ form and more time helping them achieve their health goals. And, whether a novice or an Olympian, individuals can use the SmartSquat to accelerate their fitness or rehabilitation program.

Squat smarter, not harder, with the SmartSquat. Visit our website at to learn more.


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Release Summary

The SmartSquat fitness board has dramatically improved the safety and effectiveness of one of the oldest and most essential exercises on the planet.


Clay Steward, 818-602-2984