Marketers Take Action on Consumer Intent in the Moment with BlueConic’s Real-Time Behavioral Profile Properties and Segments

BlueConic Advances Ahead of the CDP Pack with Real-Time Behavioral Attributes Powered by Machine Learning

BOSTON--()--BlueConic, the world’s leading customer data platform (CDP), today announced availability of its real-time, cross-channel behavioral profile properties and segments. These behaviors are calculated in real-time as individuals rapidly move through the customer journey, giving marketers an accurate and instantaneous view of intent at the individual level. With BlueConic, marketers can easily combine these behavioral attributes with virtually any other descriptive attributes such a demographics, interests, and preferences so that marketers can engage – or, importantly, not engage – in the precisely right way along the customer’s journey.

“As far as audience targeting has come, the majority of marketers still rely entirely on descriptive attributes, such as demographics, purchase history, and general content consumption as the basis of segmentation and trend analysis. These attributes can be directionally helpful, but they don’t tell us anything about an individual’s current state of mind when it comes to their intent – whether that’s intent to make a purchase or cancel their subscription, or intent to churn,” explains Cory Munchbach, senior vice president of strategy at BlueConic. “Marketers need to lead with real-time behavioral data – at the individual level – and then marry it with other data in order to make the biggest impact on customers’ experiences.”

Marketers use BlueConic’s real-time, behavioral segments to identify and re-engage prospects and customers, suppress recently-engaged individuals from acquisition campaigns, and deliver special offers to loyal customers.

BlueConic is the first CDP to make measuring real-time behavioral attributes for every profile a standard feature of the platform. All five attributes are scored on an index to provide marketers with greater context for their data. The new behavioral attributes include:

  • Recency of Activity - Target incentives to inspire re-engagement or reward loyal customers.
  • Frequency of Activity - Identify the best channels and strategies for delivering messages to customers based on individual interactions.
  • Momentum - Capitalize on momentum increases with incentives that inspire immediate conversion.
  • Intensity - Customize communication schedules based on individual engagement levels.
  • Recent Intensity - Scale message delivery to match customer’s current interest in the brand or product.

Even the largest, most sophisticated marketing teams struggle to keep pace with the changing behaviors of individual consumers. BlueConic takes that burden off of the marketer with sophisticated machine learning and automation.

“The volume, velocity and variety of behavior-based data is too great for marketers to activate in existing marketing programs if they’re still relying on manual and high latency audience segmentation,” explains Bart Heilbron, CEO of BlueConic. “But with machine learning, we enable marketers to activate 1:1 marketing the moment intent is revealed.”

More information about how BlueConic’s customer data platform enables real-time intent-based audience marketing is available at

About BlueConic

BlueConic, the world’s leading customer data platform (CDP), liberates marketers’ first-party data from all the disparate systems in which it currently exists, and makes it available wherever and whenever it is required by the marketer. More than 200 consumer and B2B brands, including Hearst Newspapers, Moen, T-Mobile, ING, America’s Test Kitchen, and American Kennel Club, leverage BlueConic to automate their first-party data collection across sources, unify it into robust, person-level profiles, and activate it in BlueConic or external marketing platforms to improve customer-centric engagement. Founded in 2010, the company is headquartered in Boston, with offices in Europe. Follow us on Twitter @BlueConic and “Like” us on Facebook.


Stephanie Hadley, 617-650-8147

Release Summary

BlueConic today announced availability of its real-time, cross-channel behavioral profile properties and segments.


Stephanie Hadley, 617-650-8147