Forty Percent of Moms Fake Reactions to Mother’s Day Gifts They Don’t Like, According to a New Survey

Groupon and Tiffany Haddish want to help you change Mom’s reaction, outdo your siblings and totally win Mother’s Day this year

Forty percent of Moms fake reactions to Mother's Day gifts they don't like, according to a new survey. (Graphic: Business Wire)

CHICAGO--()--Mother’s Day is this Sunday, and if you’re planning to give Mom something special this year, you may want to pay special attention to her reaction when she opens her gift. If your mom says “thank you,” “awww!,” “I love it,” “wow- this is great” or “I really needed one of these,” then she might be among the 40 percent of Moms who -- according to a new Groupon survey of 2,000 adults -- fake their reactions to Mother’s Day gifts.

The study, conducted by market researchers OnePoll and commissioned by Groupon, looked at gift-giving habits for Mother’s Day and found that Moms are looking for more sentimental presents and time with their family this year. According to the results, Moms want the following for Mother’s Day: something with a sentimental meaning, to be taken out for brunch, a homemade item, a family trip or a simple card.

In response to these findings, Groupon has teamed up with actress and company spokesperson Tiffany Haddish to help you get Mom what she really wants this year.

“You know that look you get when Mom says, ‘I’m not mad, just disappointed,’” says Haddish in Groupon’s Mother’s Day radio ad. “With Groupon, you can change the Mom look by getting her something she actually wants this Mother’s Day—time with her family. Take her to a great restaurant or get her tickets to a show.”

And it’s not only Moms who may be scrutinizing your gift choice– your siblings could be trying to one up you. It turns out that 66 percent of Americans check in with their siblings to see what they are getting for Mom. However, be careful what you share because 55 percent of those with a brother or sister will deliberately try to give their mom a better gift. Even when it comes to writing Mom’s card – 30 percent of people will consider what their siblings write in their card to ensure they aren’t upstaged.

The study also found that where you fall in terms of sibling order plays a role in how you approach Mother’s Day. While the average person spends $75, the data showed that it’s the middle child who ends up spending the most on Mom.

No matter your approach to Mother’s Day, one thing was universal from the results – people are really grateful for all that their moms have done for them. Putting food on the table was the number one thing that people were most grateful for when it came to their moms, followed by teaching respect for others, helping to learn manners, showing them how to be kind, doing laundry and exhibiting generosity.

For those that haven’t bought anything for Mom or want to avoid a fake reaction to their present, Groupon offers a number of meaningful Mother’s Day experiences and gifts that fit any budget, including luxurious massage and spa packages, amazing restaurant offers, new ways to explore her city and neighborhood to top national brands.

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Nick Halliwell

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Forty percent of Moms -- according to a new Groupon survey of 2,000 adults -- fake their reactions to Mother’s Day gifts they don't like.


Nick Halliwell