BTT Corp. and SmartSenseCom Develop Ultimate High Precision Sensor for Brain Thermodynamics Based on Cutting Edge Technology from the U.S. Naval Research Laboratory

New high precision thermal sensor will provide much higher resolution measurements of the brain thermal tunnel allowing for new insights into the brain

Highest intensity of thermal emission shown at the BTT area (green depicts computer generated BTT site). (Photo: Business Wire)

AVENTURA, Fla.--()--BTT Corp. announces the development of the BTT™ High Precision Sensor that captures thermodynamic data from the brain via the brain thermal tunnel (BTT) with a resolution never seen before in the industry.

The BTT, which has been subject of studies for over 15 years at Yale University, is a brain thermophysical pathway discovered by Dr. M. Marc Abreu, BTT Corp’s founder, which allowed for the first time in history the noninvasive and continuous measurement of brain temperature, as depicted in a press release by Yale University

BTT Corp. partnered with SmartSenseCom, leading experts in optical and acoustic measurement, to develop the most precise instrument for capturing human brain temperature and thermodynamics at the BTT terminus based on cutting edge optical sensor technology pioneered by the U.S. Naval Research Laboratory. “The high precision temperature sensing system developed for BTT incorporates several new innovations, and permits rapid, accurate measurement at a high level of resolution,” noted Dr. Nicholas Lagakos, SSC Chief Scientist and Founder, who led the team that developed the original technology at the U.S. Navy.

This revolutionary sensing platform incorporates advanced nanofluidics technology and achieves a new level of precision and sample rates never reached before in biological measurements. The auto calibrating sensor reads the temperature with the range of 32 to 42 degrees Celsius with a resolution of 0.001°C (+/- 0.003°C). “Using this high precision sensor that we developed is equivalent to looking at BTT signals through an electron microscope and identifying brain thermodynamic oscillatory signatures at the molecular level,” said Dr. Abreu.

The BTT High Precision Sensor is intended for clinical and institutional research of the brain, allowing clinician-scientists and neuroscience researchers to gather and analyze brain thermodynamic data from the BTT using the most advanced optical and nanofluidics sensing technology. Christopher Vizas, Chairman and Founder of SSC said, “We are pleased to be working with BTT and delighted that the SSC sensing platform provided the precision and flexibility needed to advance brain tunnel temperature measurement.”

The BTT sensor has the potential for diagnostic capability in disease detection and physiologic assessments. The sensor will also allow researchers to study thermal signals at a very high resolution, enabling them to discover new brain thermodynamic patterns and cerebral responses from external stimuli and challenges. These brain patterns look different depending upon the environment and circumstances of the individual. Correlations in the patterns can be made by researchers and clinicians, giving them new insights into the behavior of the brain. For example, when a person is experiencing sleep onset or risk of stroke in the morning, unique brain thermal patterns emerge, providing lifesaving signals, that can help prevent death or disability.

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BTT Corp.
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