Dotmatics Launches Bioregister 3.0 to Support Biologics Discovery

Comprehensive registration system offers new capabilities that enhance intellectual property protection and supports emerging methodologies in biologic drug discovery

BISHOP’S STORTFORD, England--()--Dotmatics Ltd, a leading provider of scientific informatics solutions and services, today announced Bioregister 3.0, a major update to the company’s web-based system for registering and managing biological entities used in the development of novel biologic compounds. The latest version of Bioregister expands on previous releases with new capabilities for non-natural and chemically-modified biologics, enhanced entity relationship tracking, and easier setup and maintenance, making Bioregister 3.0 one of the most comprehensive biologics registration systems on the market.

In today's research environment the roles of biologist and chemist are crossing over. As biologists employ chemistry and chemists use biology, a registration system that is versatile, extensible and capable of capturing a wide range of entities is essential.

"It is critical for organizations developing new biologics-based therapeutics to protect their intellectual property by identifying, characterizing, and tracking uniqueness across a broad range of entity types," said Andrew LeBeau, PhD, Dotmatics senior manager of biologics marketing. "Bioregister 3.0 offers users a fully functional, comprehensive system that is reliable, easy to use and integrates seamlessly with the Dotmatics suite and other informatics environments."

Bioregister 3.0 fulfills the needs of biologics discovery organizations from start-ups to large biopharma companies by:

  • Capturing and recording information about candidate biologic entities
  • Determining uniqueness of entities, assigning them registration numbers, and recording information about supporting entities
  • Supporting the rapidly expanding field of non-natural and chemically-modified biologics

With these capabilities, organizations can establish intellectual property ownership and reliably reproduce new batches of candidate compounds with high fidelity. In addition, companies can avoid duplicate development efforts and enhance their decision-making abilities by easily sharing biologics data across scientific teams.

New features in Bioregister 3.0 include:

  • Expanded entity support for biologics with chemical details, such as non-natural residues, peptides or nucleic acids
  • Ability to create and manage monomer libraries from Elemental, Register, or import from HELM monomer XML format
  • Ability to build up entities from monomers, and create complexes from entities
  • Enhancements to entity/attributes capabilities, including enhanced relationships between associated entities and multi-tier registration
  • API improvements with the ability to upload documents, update multiple entities at once, and create and update entities bidirectionally through RESTful web services
  • Batch registration from the Dotmatics electronic laboratory notebook
  • Integration with Dotmatics Inventory

"Dotmatics is committed to expanding our biologics capabilities, as customer demand grows for products that will help them speed innovation in drug development," said Dotmatics CEO Stephen Gallagher, PhD. "We look forward to enhancing our existing biologics products, as with Bioregister 3.0, and adding new products to our informatics portfolio in the coming months.”

For more information, please register for the webinar on May 24 at 8:00 am PST/4:00 pm BST, watch the video or click here to view more information.

About Dotmatics

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Release Summary

Dotmatics Launches Bioregister 3.0. New capabilities enhance IP protection and support emerging methodologies in biologic drug discovery


Marla Kertzman, +1 209-852-9027