Hyundai Mobis Develops eARS for Better Cornering and Ride Comfort
"Sharp Curve Cornering Has Never Been Easier"

- The first Korean company to secure both 12V and 48V eARS at the same time.
- Securing world-class electric technology for the car suspension system, following successes in braking and steering: a splendid feat achieved after 15 years of chassis development.
- Realizing optimal performance by integrating chassis functions and improving the safety of autonomous driving systems by raising control precision.

SEOUL, South Korea--()--15 years after it began the development of chassis technology, Hyundai Mobis (KRX:012330) finally succeeded in securing world-class technology in the car suspension system, following advances in braking and steering. With this new technology, the automotive supplier has been able to deliver optimal performance by integrating all chassis functions and improve the safety of automotive driving systems by raising control precision.

Hyundai Mobis announced on the 24th that it had recently developed eARS (electrical Active Roll Stabilization), an electronic controlled suspension component.

eARS is an auto component used to stabilize the horizontal inclination of the body of a running vehicle by mitigating the leaning of the body caused by centrifugal force when the car turns quickly and the impact from irregular surfaces. While the stabilizer bar, the former technology of eARS, compromises the comfort of the ride when the car is running forward to raise cornering performance, this new technology can actively respond to both situations.

Developed by Hyundai Mobis over the past five years, eARS delivers world-class performance, increasing body stabilization performance by 40% and reducing the size of the system by 5% compared to the specifications of global competitors. eARS was developed based on 12V and 48V, making it suitable for green vehicles. Hyundai Mobis is the only Korean automotive supplier to have developed eARS based on both 12V and 48V.

Hyundai Mobis' eARS employs the next generation electric motor control method, which replaces traditional hydraulic control methods, and the new technology is currently produced by only a few automotive suppliers from Europe and Japan. Due to its high price, eARS has been applied to limited premium models. The development of an economical version of eARS is expected to usher in a period of almost limitless growth. Hyundai Mobis is currently developing an economic version of its eARS by employing only the core features of the technology.

With the development of eARS, Hyundai Mobis could secure its own electrification technology in chassis, following ones in braking and steering. This new development represents the culmination of the past 15 years of research by Hyundai Mobis into developing electrification technology instead of traditional hydraulic technology, applying electronics to mechanical components.

Last year Hyundai Mobis supplied high performance electric steering systems, which surpassed European ones, to premium models. More recently, it has applied the integrated electric regenerative braking system that it developed for the second time in the world to FCEVs, thereby becoming the world's first automotive supplier to apply the technology to green vehicles. The automotive supplier also started to mass-produce 4-wheel electronic air suspension in 2012 for the first time among the domestic players.

"Based on our new world-class electric chassis technology, we are planning to improve the safety of autonomous driving systems by applying our own sensors such as radar, lidar and camera to them," said Kim Se-il, Sr. Vice President of Hyundai Mobis Chassis & Trim.


Hyundai Mobis
Choon Kee Hwang, +82-2-2018-5519

Release Summary

Hyundai Mobis develops world-class car suspension technology, eARS (electrical Active Roll Stabilization), for better cornering and ride comfort.


Hyundai Mobis
Choon Kee Hwang, +82-2-2018-5519