COBOL Development Environment: Legacy to Leading Edge

New upgrade will aid thousands of COBOL developers using Fujitsu NetCOBOL

ATLANTA--()--Enterprise class COBOL Compiler Fujitsu NetCOBOL already offers superior performance, scalability and security, all without associated runtime fees. But its recent update for Windows and Linux operating systems will significantly improve the product’s ease of use for COBOL developers.

Distributed globally by premier mainframe integration/migration solutions provider GT Software, Fujitsu NetCOBOL V12 allows developers to easily store and read data in COMP-6. This update applies to both Windows and Linux operating systems. Additionally, developers can now access IBM LE subroutines without being on the mainframe.

Other Windows updates include the most recent Eclipse version for support and NetCOBOL Studio supporting breakpoints using conditional expressions during debugging time, allowing users to get to debugging points quicker and more efficiently. This update also allows NetCOBOL Studio workbench to be used with improved functionality, which includes a split editor view, allowing multiple windows to be open at a time.

“Fujitsu Japan strives to make NetCOBOL the best COBOL compiler in the marketplace, and the recent enhancements show our commitment,” states Takahashi Yoshio, Fujitsu’s Director of Application Management Middleware Department. “We will continue to add new capabilities based on our customer’s needs and requests.”

The below is an overview of all updates for V12:

What’s New in V12 (Windows):

  • COMP-6 support using USAGE IS COMPUTATIONAL-6
  • Among the IBM LE subroutines that can now be used:
    • Bit operation subroutines
    • Condition processing subroutines
    • Data and time routines
  • Eclipse 4.6 support
  • NetCOBOL Studio supports breakpoints using conditional expressions during debugging time to provide efficient debugging
  • NetCOBOL Studio workbench can be used with improved functionality
    • Split editor view
    • Enlarging or reducing font size with shortcut key

What’s New in V12 (Linux)

  • COMP-6 support
  • LE subroutine support
  • The IBM LE subroutines can be used
  • Packed decimal data items without a sign half-byte, like Micro Focus, can be used by using USAGE IS COMPUTATIONAL-6

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