Appcues Launches Native Net Promoter Score Product to Improve Response Quality for Businesses

Appcues for NPS is an experience layer built to increase survey engagement and drive superior product sentiment due to its native presence within a product

BOSTON--()--Appcues, the user experience layer, today announced Appcues for NPS, helping businesses accelerate Net Promoter Score (NPS) survey response quality and completion rates through in-product deployments. Two thirds of Fortune 1000 companies today use NPS to gauge customer satisfaction, however, most receive low quality responses as a result of inopportune timing. The significance of Appcues for NPS is it’s delivered natively within a product, supporting a customer-centric strategy that drives users to complete an NPS survey intermittently during their customer lifecycle. By delivering NPS surveys to users in a native, frictionless way, product teams benefit from immediate, authentic product sentiment which contributes to improving the user experience as a whole.

Key benefits of Appcues for NPS include:

  • Easy setup and deployment with Javascript
  • Native, in-product surveys that are delivered intermittently during the customer lifecycle supporting a customer-centric strategy
  • A comprehensive dashboard that displays data analysis on customer sentiment and satisfaction
  • Survey reminders that can be set based on customer preference

“NPS is a metric that product-led companies naturally value as it’s critical in measuring customer satisfaction,” said Jonathan Kim, CEO and co-founder, Appcues. “Companies that hold NPS to a high standard are ones that view their customers as the key to their business success. By natively integrating NPS into the product experience, these companies can leverage the intelligence gained from every interaction to further enhance their business. For this reason, we’re excited to deliver Appcues for NPS as it helps businesses receive more immediate and useful feedback that ultimately leads to a better overall brand experience.”

“Appcues for NPS took merely minutes to setup and deploy. The tool instantly segmented out users appropriately and the improved response quality that we’ve seen so far is fascinating to our team,” said Neel Desai, Product Manager, ProfitWell. “As a customer-centric business, product sentiment and satisfaction are always top priorities for our product team, so it’s essential that we invest in tools that offer us accurate, data-rich insight into overall product happiness, ultimately improving our brand’s bottom line.”

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About Appcues
Appcues is a user experience layer that accelerates growth for companies by helping them put their products to work. By creating unique user interface patterns that are customized and on-brand, Appcues enables anyone to improve conversion and reduce churn by making their product experiences user-friendly and personalized. With Appcues, any company that is investing in its product can make it more usable and feature-rich for customers.

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Kate Gundry, 617-797-5174