Strativity’s Touchpoint Dashboard Introduces Advanced Visual Displays with Journey View

The world’s premier experience and culture design firm, Strativity Group, launches a new feature, Journey View, within Touchpoint Dashboard to bring rich data into beautiful journey map designs

HACKENSACK, N.J.--()--Strativity announces the addition of Journey View within Touchpoint Dashboard, adding both design and utility to the world’s most robust journey management platform. Journey View enables users to add a layer of design to enrich, communicate and understand robust touchpoint data.

“As our customers build out touchpoints they need an option to simplify the view for those new to looking at the customer journey, which is why we added Journey View,” stated Touchpoint Dashboard’s Chief Product Officer Peter Haid. “The details behind the touchpoints can now be hand-picked to surface in a beautiful new design.”

Journey view enables our users to:

  • Display touchpoints in a serial view vs. rows/columns
  • Easily replicate the structure of artistically designed journey maps
  • Create a compelling, visual display of every interaction as a story

Haid adds: “Our customers are leaders in Journey Management. They know what it means to add scale and manage journeys. Now they have an exciting new feature to display their efforts internally.”

Lior Arussy, President and CEO of Strativity, adds, “Touchpoint Dashboard had the opportunity to inspire thousands of users, owning thousands of journey maps, to display them with the perfect blend of beauty, data, and design. This new feature is one of several contributions we’ve made to help companies tell the stories that spark change.”

About Strativity Group Passion, Expertise, and Execution

Strativity is an LRW Group company. Strativity is a global experience design and transformation firm that cultivates purposeful relationships between your brand and your customers by unlocking your organization’s true potential. With over 200 completed projects in 21 countries impacting over 600 million customers and 1,000,000 employees, Strativity is ready to face your challenge.

About Touchpoint Dashboard Where Journeys Meet Exceptional Experiences

Touchpoint Dashboard, a Strativity Group company, is the world’s first and largest SaaS journey management toolkit that allows major brands to evolve from journey mapping visualization to journey management of initiatives. The method we use allows large enterprises to build, discuss, validate, analyze, present, act, and manage all of their customer’s journeys from one CX command center.


Kelly Sirimoglu, 201-808-8511


Kelly Sirimoglu, 201-808-8511