Heyou Media, Inc. Feeds the Soul with New Cooking Show, “Enchanted Kitchen,” First Series from Its Mini. Mobile. Movies. Library

One-of-a-Kind Culinary Format Ignites Magic in the Kitchen with Tarot Card-Infused Dishes

Join Inaugural “Global Enchanted Dinner Party,” April 10, 2018 and Cook Up Good Intentions

SEATTLE--()--Craving more meaning and ways to stir up goodness in your life and the planet? Seattle’s Heyou Media, Inc., introduced today a one-of-a-kind digital media production, “Enchanted Kitchen, designed to do just that. The cooking series, featuring world-renowned tarot celebrity and diva Sasha Graham, delivers a fresh approach to the culinary entertainment genre by combining a new ingredient that will appeal to all tastes – the power of good intentions. The show is the first of many productions to be released from Heyou Media’s Mini. Mobile. Movies. library.

The initial six online episodes of “Enchanted Kitchen” run 4-6 minutes each and showcase Graham preparing tarot card-inspired dishes designed to bring abundance and ignite intuition through mindful cooking. Love, career, family, wisdom and self-care are a few of the intentions addressed.

“Heyou Media is focused on delivering unique new media that is interesting, uplifting and impactful to diverse audiences,” said Warren Etheredge, VP of Curation and Acquisitions at Heyou Media. “Sasha brings a charismatic voice to the traditional cooking show. She entertains and instructs viewers on creative culinary methods that can enhance their own storytelling.”

“I am thrilled that the Heyou Media partnership will bring ‘Enchanted Kitchen’ to the world and share how an everyday activity, that most of us rush or stress about, can actually become a sacred and life-altering event,” said Graham.

To celebrate the launch of the new series, Heyou Media and Graham announced the inaugural “Global Enchanted Dinner Party,” an intentional meal event to take place at dinner times around the world throughout April 10, 2018.

The two companies hope the worldwide initiative will encourage families, friends, couples, restaurants and communities to gather on that day and collectively make magic in their own kitchens, using the approach featured in the “Enchanted Kitchen” segments, which can be viewed at www.heyoumedia.com/enchantedkitchen, beginning today.

Whether with a group or solo, guests can join the April 10 party. Visit www.facebook.com/sasha.graham1 to participate, learn steps and recipes to structure an Enchanted Dinner Party, and be eligible for prizes that charm.

“Let’s gather in the kitchen and apply mindful meal preparation with positive intentions to enhance the world and our lives,” added Graham. “Our individual and collective mindsets are powerful. The world can use some good intentions right now.”

Based in New York, Sasha Graham (www.sashagraham.com) is an internationally recognized tarot teacher, tarot deck creator and metaphysical author.

Founded by Tom Skerritt, Seattle’s Heyou Media, Inc. (www.heyoumedia.com) is an innovative, technology-driven content company, which licenses, produces and distributes digital entertainment, including music, short-form video, online series, movies and interactive media. Products include “Heyou Reimagined Classics,” “Mini. Mobile. Movies.” and “Heyou Features.”


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